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Winterizing data Centers

Helping Data Center Customers Prepare for a Winter Without Disruptions

When considering the protection of critical data infrastructure, it is important not to overlook protection at a facility level. Keeping electronics cooled, powered and protected is of critical importance, but making sure the buildings in which these systems sit are protected from natural disruptions is also key. The winter months bring challenges that facility managers and architects must consider. However, with the proper solutions, issues like pipe freeze, ice dams and hazardous surfaces can be mitigated.  

If water lines are not properly protected, winter weather can cause serious problems for pipes that supply water to data centers including facility water supply, emergency sprinkler systems and liquid cooling supply. When exposed to cold temperatures, these lines can freeze and burst. To protect IT equipment as well as critical safety systems, wrapping pipes with heat trace cable can be a great option.  

Protecting Liquid Lines, Detecting Leaks 

nVent RAYCHEM pipe freeze protection systems are flexible and easy to attach to the exterior of the pipe to keep pipes from freezing, bursting and causing water damage. XL-Trace Edge systems can supply a precise level of heat to prevent water pipes from freezing while minimizing energy consumption.  

XL-Trace Edge fire sprinkler freeze protection systems can freeze protect above ground and buried supply pipes, fire standpipes, branch lines and branch lines containing sprinklers when run in areas subject to freezing. nVent’s self-regulating heating cables and remote monitoring systems are easy to work with for facility managers and offer constant visibility into the status of critical systems. 

In the event of liquid leaks not only from freezing pipes but also from HVAC systems or fuel from backup generators and other sources of liquid, facilities that take advantage of nVent leak detection technology are able to quickly isolate and contain any issues. nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek water sensing cable detects and precisely locates any water leakage. This sensor cable is designed to work on flat surfaces and is installed directly on the concrete slab beneath all data and power cabling. Any water leaking from HVAC units, chilled water fittings or back-up drains can be detected immediately with location accuracy sufficient to pick the right floor tile.  

Disruptions From Icy Exteriors 

If the exteriors of data centers are not properly protected, interior operations may suffer. In winter, ice dams can form on roofs, in gutters and in downspouts, preventing water from properly draining and leading to water damage. Standing water behind ice dams can leak through to interior walls and furnishings. Heavy icicles can also fall and cause significant injury. Our systems help you protect roofs, gutters, walkways and downspouts. 

nVent RAYCHEM roof and gutter de-icing systems include a suite of solutions designed to meet the specific application requirements of data center facility managers. Some of our solutions include Roof Ice Melt (RIM), RIM Cable Cover Bracket (CCB) and IceStop de-icing systems.  

Roof Ice Melt (RIM) System is a custom engineered concealed cable system that minimizes ice build-up hazards. RIM Cable Cover Bracket (CCB) is a continuous coated aluminum housing that provides additional protection from mechanical damage while increasing the output of the heating cable. IceStop is an advanced, high performing, specified roof and gutter de-icing solution ideal for commercial buildings in light to heavy snow load areas. It can be cut to length for easy installation in plastic, copper, steel or aluminum gutters, and on flat or pitched roofs, valleys and overhangs. 

Safety First 

During winter, snow and ice can build up on concrete and asphalt causing slipping hazards for people and vehicles. A heated driveway or walkway offers an eco-friendly alternative to hydronic systems or manual de-icing. Heated surfaces will no longer require rock salt, or other hazardous deicers. Our systems can be installed under concrete and asphalt driveways to withstand any challenges winter weather brings. We provide heat tracing cables and mats as well as advanced connected control systems.  

At nVent, we believe that safer systems ensure a more secure world. We connect and protect our customers with inventive electrical solutions. We provide quality solutions for safety, comfort and performance to building and infrastructure design, construction, operation and maintenance professionals. From pipe freeze protection to flow maintenance and melting snow, or heating floors and walkways, you can rely on nVent RAYCHEM solutions and services for greater safety, comfort and performance.