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Driving Logistics Efficiency with the Mini-Load Automation Solution

At nVent, we believe that safer systems ensure a more secure world. In our pursuit of greater efficiency and performance, we continuously strive to provide end-user safety, reduce installation time and protect mission control systems. In line with these objectives, we are proud to share the successful implementation of the Mini-Load robotic and data-driven automated container storage and retrieval solution at our logistics site in Straubenhardt, Germany.  

nVent began work on this project in March 2022 and began assembly in Straubenhardt in July 2022. After months of careful planning and meticulous execution, the commissioning phase commenced in January 2023, culminating in the official launch of the system in March 2023. 

Expanded Storage Capacity 

One of the remarkable features of the Mini-Load solution is its substantial storage capacity. The logistics site now boasts 10,800 bins distributed across two aisles. Each aisle is equipped with a dedicated automated stacker crane, ensuring seamless retrieval and placement of containers. This expanded storage capacity allows for efficient handling of inbound and outbound operations, with an impressive handling rate of 343 containers per hour inbound and 234 containers per hour outbound per aisle. To streamline our operational processes, we have strategically established various stations within the logistics site. These include one inbound station, three picking stations, and four packing stations. This thoughtful configuration optimizes workflow efficiency, accelerates picking processes, and improves overall productivity. 

Key Benefits and Improvements 

The implementation of the Mini-Load robotic and data-driven automated solution is bringing numerous benefits and improvements to our intralogistics operations. With this cutting-edge technology, we have witnessed a significant increase in overall performance. The system enables us to save space and time, reducing the burden on manpower and accelerating the picking process. Real-time inventory management allows for better control and enhanced decision-making. Furthermore, the solution's improved ergonomics have positively impacted our people, increasing productivity and reducing physical strain. As a result, we have experienced fewer quality complaints, further enhancing customer satisfaction. Additionally, the Mini=Load solution's expanded storage capacity provides us with the flexibility to meet growing demands and efficiently manage inventory. At nVent, we remain committed to creating a more sustainable future by developing innovative solutions that deliver efficiency, safety, and reduced resource consumption. Through projects like the Mini-Load robotic and data-driven automated solution, we continue to pave the way for a more efficient, secure, and environmentally conscious logistics industry. 

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