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Announcing Exciting New Products From our EFS Segment

New Products Supporting Commercial and Data Industries

We are excited to announce several innovative new products from our Electrical & Fastening Solutions business that will help drive ease of installation and safety for electrical contractors. All three new nVent CADDY products are UL and cUL certified in the United States and Canada and support customers in the electrical and datacom industries.

Our team of nVent experts are focused on creating solutions that solve our customers’ specific challenges while considering building code requirements, difficult project environments and trends in the commercial and industrial building industries. Our nVent CADDY and nVent ERICO product families include innovative, time-saving solutions designed to help contractors work smarter, more efficiently and with greater success.

Q2 New EFS Products

Improved nVent CADDY Cat HP J-Hook (CATHP):

This improved solution uses nVent CADDY Versa-Mount Technology, an innovative attachment design that provides multiple structural and installation methods for wall, ceiling and threaded rod mounting applications. The modernized design of the nVent CADDY Cat HP J-Hook is engineered to provide optimal support and protection for today’s rapidly evolving, high-performing low voltage cables while supporting contractors with its installation versatility.

nVent CADDY Box/Conduit Securement Platform, Multifunction (BCSP612F):

This new solution offers a fast and secure method to install a wide range of junction and electrical boxes/conduits in overhead applications with a single-threaded rod drop. Our improved product is ideal for open ceiling environments with limited access to the structure (high ceilings). It is designed to simplify electrical box and conduit installation compared to traditional methods that include multiple connection points and supports, eliminating the need for additional hardware while offering easy, tool-free installation.

nVent CADDY WBT Performance Cable Tray Tool-Free Splice (WBTQSPL):

The nVent CADDY WBT Performance Cable Tray Tool-Free Splice is an efficient way to link multiple sections of wire basket trays. Designed specifically to work with nVent CADDY WBT Performance Cable Tray, this solution allows installers to restrict unwanted movement and stabilize unsteady sections while joining several trays together, enabling continuity and cable safety in the case of an electrical event. With fewer components and no loose pieces, installation is quick, easy and straightforward.

nVent ERICO Compression Grounding Connectors:

nVent ERICO C- and E-crimps are part of the new nVent ERICO Compression Grounding Connectors line. Marked with metric and AWG conductor sizes, these connectors are used to put two wire conductors together with a compression tool in a grounding system. These grounding connectors are made of high-strength conductive copper. This helps ensure a low- resistance connection that mitigates the effects of corrosion resulting in a connection built to stand the test of time and suitable for a wide range of applications. The connectors have been rigorously tested to ensure connection strength and current carrying capability meet and exceed CSA and UL 467 grounding standards for grounding and bonding equipment to ensure safety requirements. 

Currently available an APAC and EMEA regions.

nVent ERICO Gem Calculator:

The nVent ERICO GEM Calculator is a user-friendly tool that calculates the ideal material to use in areas of poor conductivity and helps reduce earth resistance and grounding system size. The calculator simplifies the estimation of resistivity values and the amount of Ground Enhancement Material needed for grounding installations. The tool supports four languages and has both Imperial and Metric units of measure.

DT Panel Protector, 120 & 240 kA TT:

The nVent ERICO DTX120 & 240 Series of surge protective devices features worldwide standards compliance and provides premium protection against damaging transients and surge currents, particularly in IEC Class I & Class II and UL Type 1 and Type 2 locations. The innovative design allows for installation on the line or load of the service panels and removes the need for circuit breakers (B Version Only). With a 120 kA or 240 kA per phase surge rating, this series of surge protection is well-suited for category C locations. It is typically used in applications including service entrances, distribution, branch panels, MCC, lighting panels, HVAC and more. The series also features a NEMA®-4X enclosure rating, making it suitable for outdoor applications.

At nVent, our commitment is to provide top-tier products and services that help our customers succeed and meet their quality standards. In 2023, we introduced a record-breaking 95 new products. Additionally, 85% of the products in our active new product introduction (NPI) pipeline had a positive impact on sustainability in 2023. Our products cater to expanding industries such as industrial, commercial, data centers, power utilities, renewables, energy storage and energy transition. We assist our customers in operating more efficiently, prioritizing safety and connecting and safeguarding critical systems. We are excited to bring these innovative new products from our nVent CADDY and nVent ERICO brands to our customers around the globe.

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