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Renewable Energy

Whether through creating a complete heat management solution for storage tanks and process lines or providing facility electrical protection, we provide a full range of power generation solutions.

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Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable energies have been growing rapidly and they will continue to grow with positive public opinion for sustainability and lower costs to produce energy.

Sustainable power options like wind and solar continue to be popular options which require dependability and protection to keep homes and businesses running.

nVent solutions range from durable enclosures, to protect sensitive equipment, and controls in the harshest environments, for wind and solar, to heat tracing technologies to maintain hot water with less energy consumption and water waste.

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Success Story

Protecting Europe’s First CSP Solar Power Plant

Wind Power Solutions

Foundation grounding and construction, bonding, power connections, surge protection, and lightning protection

Solar Applications

Enclosure solutions for Solar Applications

7 Grid Modernization Challenges

Opportunities and challenges that come with modernizing electrical grids


Solar Energy Brochure

Solar Catalog

Enclosures for Solar Applications

Enclosure Standards White Paper

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