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Building a More Sustainable and Electrified World

Our nVent RAYCHEM, TRACER, PYROTENAX and NUHEAT solutions work to connect and protect a more sustainable and electrified world.

At nVent, Thermal Management solutions improve energy efficiency, increase safety, add resiliency and protection, increase product lifespan and serviceability, reduce time and increase labor savings. We help our customers innovate for our electrified world. Our floor heating systems and programmable thermostats are environmentally sustainable and promote energy efficiency, while our heat tracing solutions provide pipe freeze protection to increase the longevity of critical infrastructure. Furthermore, our software solutions provide remote monitoring and advanced smart controls to enhance insights that increase site safety.

Watch the video and read our blog posts below to learn more about how nVent Thermal Management contributes to a more sustainable and electrified world.

Blogs about Sustainability and Electrification

Roof and Gutter De-Icing for Occupant Safety and Building System Integrity

The buildup of snow and ice on roofs is a major safety concern and it can seriously impact building systems, leading to expensive repairs and causing costly downtime for commercial operators.

Read about Vent RAYCHEM systems to protect your roof in extreme winter conditions.

How Electrical Snow Melting Systems Reduce the Need for Chemical Ice Melters

Electrical snow melting systems reduce the need for chemical ice melters, which can be harmful to the environment. By eliminating the use of salt and other chemicals, snow-melting systems reduce the risk of soil and water pollution. 

How Self-Regulating Cable Contributes to Sustainability

Energy-efficient properties of self-regulating cable burst pipes waste a lot of water and cause expensive damage, surface snowmelt reduces salinification, preventing roof and gutter damage with heat tracing prevents degradation.

Embracing Sustainability: nVent Thermal Management Has Transitioned to 100% Recycled Plastic Cable Reels

We recognize the critical importance of maintaining safety in the distribution and installation of our heating cable products. To ensure this, we annually acquire tens of thousands of cable reels from reliable sources, all constructed from new ABS plastic. This commitment to quality materials is paramount in upholding the highest standards for our customer’s satisfaction and peace of mind. Moreover, We have transitioned to using 100% recycled plastic cable reels

Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Safety with Innovative Thermal Insulation for Storage Tanks

Tank terminals are essential assets in a wide range of industries, providing storage for important substances such as crude oil, biofuels, petrochemicals, tarmac, food products, and wastewater. By implementing efficient tank heating and insulation systems, companies can achieve significant cost savings through reduced energy consumption and maintenance needs. Additionally, these systems contribute to extending the lifespan of both the tank structure itself and its valuable contents.

nVent RAYCHEM Electric Tracing System: A Powerful Security Guard at Beijing Daxing International Airport

Beijing Daxing International Airport was designed by ADP Ingenierie Architects and Zaha Hadid Studio. It covers an area of approximately 150 square kilometers and is one of the largest aviation transportation hubs in the world. But did you know Daxing Airport prioritized energy efficiency and sustainability, incorporating an eco-friendly nVent RAYCHEM electric heat tracing system?

Pipe Freeze Protection vs. Alternatives: How Pipe Freeze Protection Supports Sustainable Building Practices

nVent RAYCHEM pipe freeze protection systems consume electricity, but do they provide benefits for sustainability versus alternatives? That is what we will explore in this blog.

nVent RAYCHEM TracerLynx Optimizes Electric Heat Tracing (EHT) System Designs

nVent RAYCHEM TracerLynx is an advanced 3D heat management system design software that is at the forefront of industry technology. This comprehensive platform offers a complete package, providing support throughout the entire life cycle of your project. From initial front-end engineering and installation to ongoing maintenance and operation services, TracerLynx offers a turnkey solution for all your heat management needs.

Wiring A More Sustainable and Electrified World

When it comes to building a sustainable and electrified world, one of the most crucial elements is reliable wiring solutions that provide both connectivity and protection. Performance, safety, long life and recyclability matter. With PYROTENAX System 1850, you can ensure that all your wiring needs are met with the most efficiency.

Prepare Your Industrial Plant for Winter Weather with a Heat Tracing System

Cold temperatures are expected during winter months, but recent years have seen polar vortexes and record-shattering storms. Industrial facilities are not immune to cold weather and preparing your facilities for winter with a heat tracing system is important.  

Find out how you can protect your product and plant against freeze-up.  

nVent PYROTENAX Case Study: Urban Commercial Building Retrofit – Electrification Upgrade

Read about how MI technology played a crucial role in our retrofit project. We faced the challenge of installing a fire-rated solution that not only met safety requirements but also allowed for a substantial increase in ampacity without taking up additional space. 

How to Prepare Your Plant for Winter

During the summer months, it is easy to overlook the approaching winter. However, it is important to be proactive and take preventive action now. To avoid unpleasant surprises, make sure that your electric heat tracing systems are in good shape. To prepare for the harsh reality of winter, follow this checklist to help you protect your plant and product against the elements.

Why Audit Your Heat Management System?

All industrial facilities need to have processes operating properly to meet the demands of their production schedule. Any disruption or shutdown can cost a facility millions of dollars making system audits critical. But auditing your heat management system can also help you understand energy consumption patterns and identify opportunities for optimization, helping meet long-term sustainability goals.


Can electric floor heating be used as a primary heat source?

Indeed, electric floor heating can serve as the primary and exclusive heating system, which is increasingly prevalent in newly constructed residential properties. Read on our blog about how coupling floor heating with sustainable energy sources such as photovoltaic systems results in an optimal synergy.


Roof and Gutter De-icing: Using nVent RAYCHEM IceStop to Safeguard Airport Operations

When an airport in Asia was facing issues with low temperatures, temperature differences between day and night, cold and dry seasons, and a windy environment they turned to nVent RAYCHEM IceStop to keep their operations running smoothly and sustainably. Learn more at the nVent RAYCHEM blog!


Working in extreme weather conditions: is your personnel and equipment protected?

Self-regulating heating cables have been utilized for numerous years to safeguard pipes from freezing and maintain optimal process temperatures. It is widely regarded as one of the most dependable electric heat tracing technologies for safeguarding crucial industrial processes.

Read on our latest blog about reliable and high-performing solutions that can be relied upon not only during harsh winters but also for many years to come.


Working in extreme weather conditions: is your personnel and equipment protected?

In the past few years, there has been a significant increase in (sub-)arctic activities. These activities come with heightened risks due to their geographic location and the extreme conditions they face, such as sub-zero temperatures and limited daylight. Additionally, operating in remote environments poses additional challenges. This has resulted in an increased demand for winterized vessels with sufficient ice reinforcement to tackle these harsh conditions.


Don’t Turn Off Your Floor Heating System – Instead Think Long-Term and Use a Programmable Floor Heating Controller

Electricity prices are skyrocketing, and as a result, electricity-saving tips abound these days. “Skip your underfloor heating system” is often on the list of tips. The advice to turn off underfloor heating to save electricity is not always well thought out. Before doing so, you should consider the consequences. Read on the blog about time-controlled underfloor heating thermostats which usually result in a significantly lower electricity bill.


How Pipe Freeze Protection Saves Water and Reduces Costs

Burst pipes caused by freezing temperatures result in significant water waste annually, undermining water efficiency and causing unnecessary resource depletion. Read more about protecting your pipes and securing a more sustainable future for yourself and the planet. 


nVent NUHEAT Offers Healthy, Sustainable Design & Construction Solutions

Specifiers have an opportunity to make a positive contribution to the health of the environment, people, and the communities we live in by making sustainable choices. Read on our blog about some of the ways nVent NUHEAT systems support sustainability, empowering contractors, specifiers, and developers to change the way you heat.


Case Study: nVent RAYCHEM Energizes Shaanxi Coal Group to Build a $100 Billion Coal Chemical Project

With accelerating electrification, it is important to use solutions dedicated to the industry. That’s why nVent RAYCHEM provided a complete and efficient electric heat tracing system for the High-Quality Coal and Dimethyl Carbonate (DMC) Utilization Project, which is currently the world’s largest coal chemical project. The project has been successfully commissioned at Shaanxi Coal Group in China.

Read our latest blog about this case study!


The Case for Energy-Efficient Heat Tracing for Freeze Protection

Many of us would agree that winters are tracking milder: ski seasons seem to be getting shorter and the polar ice caps are shrinking. And extreme cold, huge snowstorms and subfreezing temperatures as experienced in February 2021 and 2023 are shrugged off as “odd”  weather events.

Read on our latest sustainability blog about how can heat tracing for freeze protection help your factory. 


Sustainable Frost Protection: Prioritizing Human Safety with nVent RAYCHEM XL-Trace Low-Smoke Zero Halogen Cables

In our pursuit of eco-friendly solutions, it is crucial to explore innovative materials that not only benefit the planet but also offer practical advantages. Introducing nVent RAYCHEM XL-Trace Low-Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Frost Protection Cables. Read on our blog about XL-Trace LSZH Self-regulating Heating Cables to uncover their unique properties and the transformative role they play in preserving structures, conserving energy, and safeguarding the environment.


Efficiently Delivering Hot Water

Efficiently delivering hot water has become a pressing issue in today’s world where the focus is on reducing waste and carbon footprints while saving energy and water. Read our blog about an innovative approach to maintaining hot water temperature that can help you achieve all these goals.

Floor Heating Systems Are Environmentally Sustainable

Floor Heating Systems Are Environmentally Sustainable

Have you ever wondered if nVent NUHEAT Floor Heating Systems are environmentally sustainable? The answer is yes! Read our blog on what makes nVent NUHEAT an eco-friendly solution.