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nVent RAYCHEM Pipeline Supervisor

The World’s Premier Temperature Critical Pipeline Monitoring Software

Introducing, RAYCHEM Pipeline Supervisor, the world’s premier temperature critical pipeline monitoring software solution.  Providing you with unprecedented access to pipeline performance trends and rich actionable data insights to keep your pipeline operating safely and efficiently.

A View Inside the Pipeline 

RAYCHEM Pipeline Supervisor was developed to help operators and field maintenance personnel access in real-time what was previously unattainable.  We take you inside the pipeline to help you identify pending threats to the safe and secure operation of your temperature-critical pipeline asset.

RAYCHEM Pipeline Supervisor combines Raychem’s market leading  heat-tracing technologies with fibre optic DTS to capture thousands of data points 24/7 along the entire length of the pipeline asset.  We then utilize advanced algorithms, developed based on actual pipeline events, to provide operators and maintenance personnel of pending threats such as the formation of hot and cold spots, time-to-freeze, and pipeline plugs. 

RPS Edited GUI with Logo

Using the Power of Analytics for Temperature Critical Fluids

RAYCHEM Pipeline Supervisor combines decades of field-proven experience with the latest advances in data analytics and machine learning in one seamless software solution.

Explore how this software can help your pipeline operators to gain more confidence and control to manage the world’s most temperature-critical pipeline assets.


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