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Pipe Freeze Protection

Put an End to Frozen Pipes

In cold environments, insulation often isn’t enough to protect pipes from freezing. A well designed and installed  pipe freeze protection system keeps water flowing, and prevents costly damage to buildings. 

Reliable Freeze Protection Solutions 

nVent RAYCHEM electric heat trace cables for water lines prevents water in pipes, pumps and other equipment from freezing.

Our self-regulating heat trace cable provides heat where it’s needed, without the added worry of overheating. Our comprehensive range of electrical heat trace cables are versatile enough to be used in a wide range of commercial and industrial buildings.

The simple design of nVent RAYCHEM solutions ensure a safe and easy-to-install system with proven energy savings over conventional constant wattage systems. 

Customer Success Stories

emirates stadium case study

Heating a State of the Art Stadium

Arsenal Football Club | London, England Challenge: The Emirates Stadium is a 60,000 seat stadium located in central London. This...
ansicht kachlet case study

Heating Dams at the Danube

Passau - Bavaria, Germany Challenge: This project involved providing heat to six vertical lift gates with an upper and lower...
Pinferfield Hospital case study

Frost Protection at a New Hospital

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust Challenges: This large scale new build project comprised a new acute inpatient hospital in Wakefield...



XL-Trace Edge Self-Regulating Heating Cable

Advanced commercial grade for pipe freeze protection and temperature maintenance applications, for use with RayClic or approved heat shrink components.

nVent RAYCHEM Heat-Tracing Specifications on MasterSpec® Powered by Deltek SpecPoint®

nVent RAYCHEM Masterspec

nVent RAYCHEM’s broad product portfolio is easy to specify, safe, and reliable. Our heating cables, components and controls are designed and certified as a system to optimize install-ability, performance and worry-free operation. 

Download, edit and integrate the individual specification sections for your project.


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TraceCalc Pro for Buildings

Easy-to-use online design tool to create simple or complex heat tracing designs for pipe freeze protection applications.


Winter Solutions for Your Building 

Winter can be a time when building weaknesses are exposed. Frozen pipes, slippery walkways and snow buildup can be major contributors to safety problems and costly repairs. The nVent RAYCHEM Winter Blog helps you prepare for the colder months with actionable tips and tricks to help you Love Winter.

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