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Heat Loss Replacement

Replace Heat Loss Through the Floor to Eliminate Chill

Rooms or buildings over unheated areas can seem cold due to heat loss through the floor. Our systems are designed to provide just enough warmth to compensate for the lost heat. 


Our heat loss replacement systems eliminate the chill from rooms or buildings over unheated areas such as skywalks, cantilevered roofs, garages, or loading docks.

Radiant Heat for Garage Floors and Other Surfaces

Electric heat loss replacement systems have fewer components and the controllers can be tied back to a building management system (BMS) for remote monitoring.  This translates to a lower system installation and maintenance cost.

No Risk for Leaks

Hydronic heating systems rely on circulating warm fluids to heat the floor.  These systems can create liabilities especially in high rise structures where a pipe leak can cause property and structural damage. nVent RAYCHEM systems utilize electric heat trace cables and therefore eliminate this risk.



RaySol Self-Regulating Heating Cable

For underfloor heating applications and frost heave prevention, new build or renovation.

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