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Freezer Frost Heave Prevention

Avoid Damage by Frost Heave With Safe & Reliable Systems

Cold temperatures can seep through the floors of cold rooms and freezers, even if they are insulated. As the soil underneath freezes, capillary action draws water into the frozen areas where the water forms a concentrated ice mass. This growing ice mass can result in the freezer floor heaving, causing damage to the structure and putting valuable inventory at risk. nVent RAYCHEM frost heave prevention systems consist of an electric trace heating cable that is installed in the subfloor and prevents the soil under the structure from freezing.

Effective frost heave prevention is embedded in concrete, making it ideal to prevent heaving in soil under freezers, refrigerated warehouses, and cold rooms.

nVent RAYCHEM electric heat tracing systems are environmentally safe, energy-efficient, easy to design, install and maintain and cost-effective. 

  • Comparable hydronic heating systems risk leaking glycol into the soil, causing environmental hazards;  freezer floor heat trace solutions are inherently safe
  • Complete range of energy efficient control systems, with a solution for every need
  • Straightforward system design consisting of electric heat tracing cables, advanced control systems, smart connection kits and accessories
  • Electric frost heave protection systems require fewer components and cost less to install than complex hydronic systems

nVent RAYCHEM Heat-Tracing Specifications on MasterSpec® Powered by Deltek SpecPoint®

nVent RAYCHEM Masterspec

nVent RAYCHEM’s broad product portfolio is easy to specify, safe, and reliable. Our heating cables, components and controls are designed and certified as a system to optimize install-ability, performance and worry-free operation. 

Download, edit and integrate the individual specification sections for your project.

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RaySol Self-Regulating Heating Cable

For underfloor heating applications and frost heave prevention, new build or renovation.

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