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Series Mineral Insulated Heat Trace Technology

Equipment, cables and piping as found inside of a modern industrial power plant.

Mineral insulated (MI) heating cables are designed for high exposure temperatures in hazardous and non-hazardous areas. MI heating cables are used when high power output or extreme resistance to environmental corrosives is needed. 

  • nVent RAYCHEM mineral insulated heat trace cables feature
  • Power output up to 90 W/ft / 300  W/m
  • Supply voltage up to 600 Vac 
  • Maintain  temperature up to 550 °C / 1022 °F
  • Exposure temperature up to 700 °C / 1290 °F (higher temperatures upon request)
  • circuits up to 3 km from a single power source
  • MI heating cables can be supplied as factory-terminated units with brazed or laser-welded technology, for consistent high quality and simplified installation

MI heat trace cables consist of one (single core) or two (dual core) conductors embedded in a highly dielectric magnesium oxide insulation surrounded by a seamless metal sheath. The cables are terminated at the extremities with a non-heating section (cold lead) and end seal.

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