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Elexant Supervisor Alarm Dashboard

The nVent RAYCHEM Elexant Supervisor Software Alarm Dashboard provides users with a real time graphical summary of alarms collected by the existing nVent RAYCHEM Supervisor Software.

The Alarm Dashboard consolidates all alarm related information into a single Graphical User Interface (GUI), summarizing data for easy viewing, sorting, filtering, and reporting, through graphs and tables.

With improved access to alarms, users can easily understand what alarm types are prevalent in their system and can access more information applicable to the devices that are in alarm, assisting in Alarm Management and other related activities.

System Features  

Access via any current and common web browser connected to the network.


Alarm data plotted to bar graphs for easy visualization:

- Alarm Locations

- Alarm Types

Filter & Sort Capability 

Filter the data through 5 unique filtering schemas.

Data is sorted through graphing and a data table.

- Data table sorting through individual data set attributes


Several counters provided for quick reference to important data:

- Device Count: Count of all unique devices in the system.

- Devices in Alarm: Count of all devices with active alarms.

- Alarm Count: Count of all unique and active alarms.

Data Table

Table listing unique Device and Alarm records, complete with additional vital information:

- Values, set points, line information, panel information, notes, etc.

For information on entitlement, license, and registration requirements and activities, please contact an nVent representative.

Catalog Number: T1250500

Item Name: nVent RAYCHEM Elexant Supervisor Software Alarm Dashboard 

Package Features: Alarm Dashboard


RAYCHEM Elexant Supervisor Alarm Dashboard Datasheet

RAYCHEM Elexant Supervisor Alarm Dashboard Flyer

RAYCHEM Elexant Supervisor Alarm Dashboard Operation Manual