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Mineral Insulated Fire Rated Wiring

Keep Critical Circuits Safe from Fire

Worldwide regulations require fire protection for emergency feeder circuits in commercial buildings, public spaces, hospitals, industrial plants and refineries. PYROTENAX System 1850 mineral insulated fire-rated cables are UL listed and can withstand temperatures up to 1850 °F / 1010 °C for two hours, ensuring critical equipment and processes continue to operate in the event of a fire.

nVent PYROTENAX System 2000 and 2200 2 hour fire-rated cables can withstand temperatures up to 2200 °F / 1200 °C for two hours, facilitating the controlled shutdown of critical processes and systems in the event of an industrial fire such as a hydrocarbon flash fire.


Setting the Standard in Fire Safety

Historically, fire safety of critical circuits was achieved by running conventional cables behind a heat barrier such as a gypsum board or hollow concrete block; or by embedding the conductors in concrete.

nVent PYROTENAX offers an NFPA-approved two-hour fire resistance rating and works in systems including: 

  • Fire alarms and emergency lighting 
  • Fire pumps
  • Emergency elevators 
  • Smoke extraction and emergency ventilation fans in tunnels
  • Backup generators 
  • Industrial and petrochemical plants
  • And more 

nVent PYROTENAX mineral insulated cable combine dependability, versatility and performance with exceptional temperature and electrical performance. This inorganic and inherently fire resistant construction means zero smoke, zero flames, and zero fuel contribution.


Fire-Rated Cables

Fire-Rated Cables

Fire-Rated Components and Accessories

Fire-Rated Components and Accessories

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Protecting your building while meeting current NFPA codes for electrical protection should be a priority.

Fire and electrical codes vary on a national and local level, and change frequently to meet new safety standards. Download our whitepaper on the evolution of fire safety codes and standards, and the most recent research report from the NFPA on the fire resistance of concrete.

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