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Wiring A More Sustainable and Electrified World

- PYROTENAX System 1850 mineral insulated (MI) power wiring systems make it possible.

In the quest to build a more sustainable and electrified world one of the fundamental requirements is wiring solutions that connect and protect. Performance, safety, long life and recyclability matter. PYROTENAX System 1850 wiring solutions check all of the boxes


Performance and Safety

PYROTENAX Mineral Insulated Systems are UL2196 Listed solutions which means they will provide power for more than 2 hours when exposed to fire temperatures of 1850F. Unlike some Approved fire-rated wiring systems, PYROTENAX MI does not produce any dangerous or combustible gasses in the event of fire which makes them specifically code required by hospitals. Under normal conditions, they will reliably deliver power for many decades.


More Power, Less Space

Modern buildings require increased electrical capacity to power all of their electricity-powered equipment and devices. PYROTENAX ‘s NEC and CEC approved full “free air” ampacity rating and its design and installation flexibility make it possible to deliver needed power without taking up excessive space. In fact, they can deliver up to 4 times the power of conventional wiring solutions. This can be especially important when older buildings are being renovated and repurposed instead of being torn down.


Inherent Long Life

PYROTENAX solutions are manufactured from only two inorganic materials. Copper and magnesium oxide (MGO). These inorganic materials do not degrade over time like many conventional organic-based wiring insulations can so you can be assured of long life. PYROTENAX System 1850 solutions carry a Lifetime Extended warranty and many systems installed in the 1960’s and even earlier are still in service today.

Another important performance factor to consider is flexibility. Buildings evolve over time and their wiring systems must be able to adapt.  With a full range of Approved splices and wiring options, PYROTENAX systems can be modified over the years to meet your building's changing requirements.



Eventually, recyclability matters and Pyrotenax continues to deliver even at the end of its useful life. Recycled MGO can be used for a variety of useful products and Copper is one of the most recyclable metals on our planet.


PYROTENAX System 1850 wiring systems deliver multiple electrification and sustainability benefits to Architects, Engineers, Building Owners, and Occupants!

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