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nVent PYROTENAX Mineral Insulated Fire-Rated Wiring Systems

Protect people, processes and critical electrical circuits during a fire or other emergency with nVent PYROTENAX two-hour fire-rated cables.

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New nVent PYROTENAX Lifetime Product Warranty

After careful review of our nVent PYROTENAX System 1850 installed base and warranty claim records, we are pleased to announce that we are extending our current 30-year warranty period to a Lifetime Product Warranty. 

System 1850’s unmatched, proven track record of reliability and performance in the demanding North American market is now backed with a Lifetime Product Warranty. There is no other competitor in the market that offers this warranty length. Learn more today!

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Beyond UL Video v2

Beyond UL 2196: A Comparative Study of UL Listed 2-Hour Fire-Rated Cables’ Properties

Recent testing conducted by an ISO 9001 Certified Laboratory found that some UL 2196 approved cables produced toxic smoke and combustible gases under fire conditions. These off-gases can then ignite and/or combust with forces similar to those of natural gas – in some cases spontaneously.

Watch the video today and learn the full findings. 

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nVent PYROTENAX Fire Rated Wiring Systems help ensure the continuity of critical emergency systems. These Mineral Insulated (MI) cable systems carry a greater current and require less space than common electrical cables. Take a tour to find out how nVent PYROTENAX brings unmatched performance to your next construction project.

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Fire-Rated Wiring vs. Concrete Construction

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Mineral Insulated Wiring vs Polymeric Alternatives

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Mineral Insulated Wiring for Electrical Modernization

PYROTENAX Mineral Insulated (MI) Fire-Rated Wiring Case Study

Litespeed Electric has successfully installed many miles of nVent PYROTENAX MI Fire-Rated Cables in buildings where there was a need to increase power, but little room to run wire. Learn more in this video case study from one of their installations. 

Quick Voltage Drop Calculator

Quickly calculate voltage drop with this online calculator.

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