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Data Center & Networking Systems

Trusted Data Center & Networking Solutions for a Connected World



Smart IT Infrastructure

The highest data and network availability are crucial in today’s connected world. Our broad portfolio provides design flexibility and protection for your valuable IT assets,  and our design and project support ensures the success of your project.

Racks & Cabinets

When day-to-day operations depend on communications equipment, the right protection is essential. We offer the physical infrastructure to host and protect server and network equipment, as well as indoor and outdoor protection for broadband voice, data and video service applications.

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Aisle Containment Systems

Aisle containment provides an ideal solution for optimizing the management of cooling air by separating the flow of cold and hot air. These cooling efficiency enhancements typically result in significant Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and cooling efficiency improvements within the data center – ultimately providing temperature optimization that can generate energy savings of up to 30 percent.

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The right cooling solution can reduce your datacenter energy costs while increasing IT reliability and availability. That’s why nVent’s experts work with you to create an optimized cooling concept for your specific server configuration, environment, redundancy and uptime needs.

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Cable Management

An organized environment is safer, functions better and supports faster. For enhanced application flexibility and protection, customizable solutions are available.

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Environmental Monitoring & Security

Remote datacenter monitoring enables you to act fast in case of an incident. nVent’s powerful environment monitoring enables connectivity and management designed to requiring a minimum of IP ports. It monitors 24/7 temperature, humidity, water leaks, unauthorized access, and power and cooling issues. That helps you keep your systems running.

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Power Distribution & Management

Power consumption is a large part of any datacenter budget and has a significant environmental impact too. That’s why our ample portfolio of modular power management and distribution solutions is designed to support capacity planning and maximize efficiency. Choose from simple or smart solutions – they’re both easy to integrate into your DCIM platform via standard interfaces.

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