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Floor Heating

Find the Floor Heating You Need

nVent NUHEAT floor heating systems offer the products you need for the comfort you deserve. With our focus on ease ofinstallation, reliability and customized support, nVent NUHEAT floor heating solutions have been the contractor's choice for over 25 years.



Cables & Cable Kits

The ultimate in flexibility for areas of all shapes and sizes. nVent NUHEAT has the right cable kit for your room and you can easily configure it on-site.

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Enjoy ease of installation with the thinnest pre-built mats. Choose from a range of standard sizes, or create a nVent NUHEAT Custom Mat to fit the exact shape of your floor.

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Best suited for rectangular and square shaped areas, nVent NUHEAT Mesh is an on-site, easy to install, adjustable ‘strip and roll’ solution.

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When integrated with Cable, nVent NUHEAT Membrane is a best-in-class integrated uncoupling and waterproofing solution.

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Controls & Thermostats

Our thermostats are designed to be intuitive, easy to use, and perfect for any decor. Works with the Google Assistant®, wifi-enabled, energy monitoring, touchscreen or manual control.

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Components & Accessories

Everything you need to complete your installation and system.

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Offering You Training and Expertise

Gain the advantage of the best expertise and training to install nVent NUHEAT products. Join the nVent NUHEAT Certified Pro Program today!

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