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Embedded Systems and Cases

Small form factor solutions

Whether you are designing a small form factor solution for IoT, digital signage, surveillance, commercial kiosks, machine control systems, transportation or network security to name a few, nVent SCHROFF has developed customized solutions to house and protect small form factor boards.

Our products like small form factor cases accelerate your time to market. Your engineers just specify the right enclosure, cooling, peripherals and mounting method. Job done!


Single Board Solutions

interscale-atx.jpg image

SCHROFF’s Interscale product line delivers all you need to enclose and protect your application: from customizable cases to components and from cooling solutions to accessories. Interscale features:

  • Interlocking tabbed construction for IP30 and EMC protection with no need for gaskets
  • Easy assembly and quick access to the electronics inside
  • Flexible dimensions
  • Customization with cutouts, paint and printing
  • Components including power supplies, buttons and switches, PCI/PCIe cards, HDD brackets
  • Thermal solutions including fan kits and a patented flexible heat conductor for industry-leading conduction cooling


Computer on Module Solutions

computer-on-module.jpg image

Save time and money with SCHROFF’s complete Embedded COM system featuring the COM module and the carrier board, as well as the cases to go with them. Our modular, expandable and ultra-flexible system includes:

  • Interfaces such as XMC, fieldbus, display port and more
  • Choice of chassis size, design and cut-out
  • Non-forced and forced air cooling
  • Wide range of fieldbus connections available as a pluggable add-on module
  • Flexibility to use the XMC slot, FPGA mezzanines or processor modules





Learn more about the configurable single board & the modular COM solutions from nVent SCHROFF.


Do you need help with our small form factor cases?

We'd love to find a solution to your embedded systems and your small form factor challenges!