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Outdoor Racks & Cabinets

Outdoor Rack: Protect your Mission-critical Applications – Even in Harsh Surroundings

nVent SCHROFF Outdoor Racks & Cabinets safeguard your sensitive electronics in outdoor environments and ensure they function smoothly and reliably.

Our Outdoor Racks are built to withstand everything, from rain and snow to dust and hot sun. They’re even tough enough to resist vandalism. Your sensitive electronic equipment will stay safe and continue to run reliably thanks to the cabinets’ shock- and vibration-proofing and their efficient thermal management. Our outdoor cabinets are widely used in telecommunications, signaling, traffic control and test & measurement applications.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Reliable operation of your application throughout its lifecycle
  • Outdoor rack with robust thermal protection reduces total cost of ownership by extending the product lifecycle
  • Protection against rain, snow, dust and vandalism
  • Available in single-wall, double-wall and modular aluminum construction
  • Customizable options include IP protection, EMC shielding, seismic resistance and cooling management
  • Built to last with durable, UV resistant powder coating for superior corrosion protection

Thermal Management Capabilities

SCHROFF‘s Unibody and Modular outdoor enclosures offer excellent thermal management capabilities with:

  • A double-wall construction of heat-dissipating aluminum that blocks 85% of solar radiation
  • Air convection that promotes cooling while maintaining the IP protection rating
  • Energy-efficient cooling protects your systems and the environment 
  • Additional cooling options for extreme conditions, including fans, heat exchangers and air conditioners

Featured Products

COMLINE: Single wall outdoor enclosures

UNIBODY - Double-wall solution for small outdoor enclosures

MODULAR - Double-wall cladding for large outdoor enclosures

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Combine various standard components to create an outdoor enclosure that meets your needs.

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