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              Products | 78 results (890 items)

              PH1547.jpg image

              nVent ERICO Ericore Terminated Conductor

              Low-inductance, low-impedance cable designed to minimize voltage build-up due to lightning impulses.

              • Low-inductance, low-impedance cable desi...
              • Multiple insulated layers of conductor r...
              • Upper termination provides an insulated ...
              • Requires lower termination kit
              PH34584.jpg image

              nVent ERICO Cadweld Plus Welding Material, F20

              nVent ERICO Cadweld Plus cups are premeasured, self-contained cups of welding material that are placed in the mold and i...

              • Mixture consists mainly of copper oxide and aluminum
              • Primarily used in grounding and bonding applications
              • Integrated welding material package
              • Color coding by size for easy identification
              PH35790.jpg image

              nVent ERICO Cadweld Tool Kit

              Convenient tool kits for nVent ERICO Cadweld connection installations.

              • Convenient tool kits for nVent ERICO Cad...
              PH35315.jpg image

              Rebar Bonding Kit, Single Connection

              Kit includes Rebar Bonding Plate, Rebar Bonding Clamp and conductor.

              • Kit includes Rebar Bonding Plate, Rebar ...
              • Provides ground system connection points...
              • Used for equipment, machinery and structure grounding
              PH37837.jpg image

              Dynasphere Air Terminal, MKIV

              Lightning protection Dynasphere Air Terminal.

              • Dynamic response to the approach of a lightning downleader
              • Non-radioactive technology
              • No external power required
              • Three replaceable terminals for specific...
              PH4418.jpg image

              Ground Mat

              Prefabricated ground mats, made of wire mesh, are ideal for systems designed for safety purposes to protect operators ag...

              • Silver brazed joints (35% silver alloy b...
              • Conductor spacing available in standard configurations
              • Option to add center wire into the mat c...
              • Ground mats are laid flat onto pallets for shipping
              PH2075.jpg image

              Adhesive Cable Fastener

              Fast-drying, waterproof, synthetic rubber and resin-based adhesive.

              • Flat cable holder for use with hot pitch...
              PH36274.jpg image

              Solid Copper Ground Rod, Pointed

              Solid copper rods, made from highly conductive, hard drawn copper, are ideal for high soil resistivity or areas with hig...

              • Solid copper ground rods made of high co...
              PH2532.jpg image

              Rebar Grounding Clamp, Parallel

              Universal use for rebar, rods or pipes.

              • Universal use for rebar, rods or pipes
              • Lay-in feature cuts installation time
              • Bronze alloy construction with Stainless Steel 304 screws
              • Approved for direct burial in earth and concrete
              PH20005.jpg image

              Fence Clamp, One Conductor

              Can provide ideal mounting points for conductors used throughout your grounding and bonding system.

              • Theft-deterrent appearance
              • Stainless steel hardware included
              • Tin plating minimizes the risk of corrosion
              • The clamp accepts the conductor either i...