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Power Transmission and Distribution

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              Products | 18 results (751 items)

              Cdsc20228 Concept Disconnect Type 4

              Concept Disconnect Enclosure Type 4

              Concept Disconnect Enclosures provide an extra level of visual ON or OFF indication.

              • Seams continuously welded and ground smooth
              • External-formed 90-degree body flange channels away liquids
              • Bonding provision on door; grounding stud on body
              • Holes in body for mounting disconnect op...
              Group Screw Cover Type 3R

              Screw-Cover Drip-Shield Type 3R

              Drip-Shield Screw-Cover, Type 3R is used as a wiring or junction box in outdoor applications.

              • Drip shield top and seam-free sides, fro...
              • Slip-on removable cover fastened with pl...
              • Handles on larger sizes (see table)
              • Embossed mounting holes on back of enclosure
              Concept Single-Door Enclosure

              Concept Single-Door Enclosures

              Concept Enclosures are ideal for machine control applications.

              • Seams continuously welded and ground smooth
              • Corner-formed doors
              • Simple easy-to-remove and install hinge ...
              • High-torque threadless studs and fasteners on door
              Hoffman Watershed Type 4X

              WaterShed Stainless Steel Wallmount Sloped Top Type 4X

              WaterShed designed for sanitary washdown environments, particularly food and beverage manufacturing.

              • Seams continuously welded and ground smooth
              • Smooth Type 304 stainless steel lift-off bullet-style hinges
              • Hinges are shielded by door
              • Hinged side of door has provisions to al...
              VJ Fiberglass Flat Opaque Cover, Type 4X

              VJ Flat Opaque Cover Type 4X

              VJ enclosures feature an overlapping cover design that ensures a secure and reliable seal.

              • Available sized from 6x6 (152x152mm) to 30x24 (762x610mm)
              • All VJ enclosures were designed to meet ...
              • Enclosures are maintenance free and corrosion resistant
              • Made from hot compression molded halogen...

              Hinge Cover with 3-Point or Quick-Release Latch Type 4X

              Fiberglass Enclosure with 3-Point Latch and PowerGlide Handle or Quick-Release padlockable latches.

              • Fiberglass-reinforced material has excel...
              • Type 316L stainless steel padlocking Pow...
              • Quick-release latch versions feature fib...
              • Seams are sealed; no holes or knockouts
              PolyProSolDrWindowGroup Product Photo

              PolyPro Type 4X

              PolyPro Polyester Enclosures are lightweight designed to withstand harsh, corrosive environments.

              • Non-glass-filled polyester material offe...
              • Provides excellent chemical resistance t...
              • Resists cracking and provides excellent impact resistance
              • Lighter-weight than fiberglass
              Straight Section Lay-in Wireway Type 1 group

              Straight Section Lay-in Hinged-Cover Type 1

              Layin Hinged-Cover Type 1 Straight Sections are used for enclosing wire and cable in wireway runs.

              • Lay-in Hinged-Cover Type 1 Straight Sect...
              • Sections are completely open on one side...
              • No pulling through of wires or cables pr...
              • Sections are available in lengths from 1...
              Angled Trough, Type 1

              Angled Trough Type 1

              Angled Trough mounts in corners and eliminates the need for 90-degree conduit bends.

              • Flexible install allows conduit runs thr...
              • Cleaner appearance requiring less real estate on the wall
              • Uniquely designed cover is removable and...
              • Easy mounting via holes on the back of the enclosure
              WiringTroughT3R Product Photo

              Screw-Cover Wiring Trough Type 3R

              Screw-Cover Wiring Trough Type 3R used for outdoor applications exposed to wet conditions.

              • Drip shield top and seam-free sides, front, and back
              • Slip-on removable cover
              • Embossed mounting holes on back of enclosure
              • Provision for padlocking