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Power Transmission and Distribution

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              Products | 83 results (957 items)

              PH1547.jpg image

              nVent ERICO Ericore Terminated Conductor

              Low-inductance, low-impedance cable designed to minimize voltage build-up due to lightning impulses.

              • Low-inductance, low-impedance cable desi...
              • Multiple insulated layers of conductor r...
              • Upper termination provides an insulated ...
              • Requires lower termination kit
              PH37837.jpg image

              Dynasphere Air Terminal, MKIV

              Lightning protection Dynasphere Air Terminal.

              • Dynamic response to the approach of a lightning downleader
              • Non-radioactive technology
              • No external power required
              • Three replaceable terminals for specific...
              PH4418.jpg image

              Ground Mat

              Prefabricated ground mats, made of wire mesh, are ideal for systems designed for safety purposes to protect operators ag...

              • Silver brazed joints (35% silver alloy b...
              • Conductor spacing available in standard configurations
              • Option to add center wire into the mat c...
              • Ground mats are laid flat onto pallets for shipping
              PH2075.jpg image

              Adhesive Cable Fastener

              Fast-drying, waterproof, synthetic rubber and resin-based adhesive.

              • Flat cable holder for use with hot pitch...
              PH35296.jpg image

              Air Terminal, Imperial Thread

              Air Terminal, Imperial Thread.

              • Lightning strike termination points for ...
              PH37221.jpg image

              Non-Insulated Solid Conductor

              Solid cable for a variety of applications.

              • Solid cable for a variety of applications
              • Available in smaller spool sizes for convenience
              • LPA and LPC parts are used for lightning...

              Transient Surge Filter

              The nVent ERICO Critec Transient Surge Filter (TSF) product family is a UL registered, IEC compliant, compact, serviceab...

              • Compact, space saving design
              • Replaceable surge module reduces down ti...
              • Compliance to the latest UL 1449 Edition...
              • Low let-through voltages on the critical...
              PH1546.jpg image

              nVent ERICO Ericore Unterminated Conductor

              nVent ERICO Ericore Unterminated Conductor.

              • Low-inductance, low-impedance cable desi...
              • Multiple insulated layers of conductor r...
              • Requires upper and lower termination kits
              PH35254.jpg image

              Early Streamer Emission Terminal

              Lightning protection Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Air Terminal.

              • Designed and tested to NF C 17-102 and similar standards
              • Available in three models to suit specific site requirements
              • Suitable for use with a variety of downc...
              PH39840.jpg image

              Air Terminal, Metric Thread

              Air terminal with metric thread. Used in many lightning protection schemes as the strike termination point.

              • Lightning strike termination points for ...
              • Includes nut for securing to air terminal base