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As a trusted railway industry supplier, nVent ensures that products and solutions meet key industry requirements

Quality Manufacturing

• ISO 9000, ISO 9001

Fire Safety Performance

• EN 45545-2
• UL2885
• IEC 60754-2
• IEC 61439-1

Electrical Performance

• IEEE® C62.41.2-2002
• Cat A, Cat B, Cat C

Shock and Vibration Resistance

• EN 50125-1/-3
• IEC 61587-1: 2000-01

Environmental Resistance

• EN 60529 up to IP 55
• IEC 61969-3, EN 50125-3
• UL 2556
• UL 854

Misc. Railway Standards

• Indian Railway Standards



Positioned to serve railways throughout the world

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With its extensive capabilities and expertise, nVent delivers innovative solutions to the rail and transit industry that help rolling stock OEMs and signaling and communication providers overcome complex challenges. Railways throughout the world operate in harsh conditions, from exposure to extreme environments to the everyday shock and vibration that occurs as trains travel over track. Railway networks are an especially demanding environment for sensitive electronic systems, which is why highly specialized, engineered designs are essential

  • nVent SCHROFF has extensive capabilities that include proto-typing and testing. With designs based on modular platforms and standard components, nVent SCHROFF meets specific customer requirements with solutions that are cost effective and scalable. nVent SCHROFF also provides customized cooling solutions
  • nVent ERIFLEX provides custom design and manufacturing of busbars and braided cables, delivering connectors cut to exact length and bent to the perfect shape
  • nVent ERICO is a global leader in railway surge protection and grounding. With expert application engineers and onsite test laboratories, nVent ERICO can configure the perfect solution for even the most unique applications

The above images demonstrate the state-of-the-art nVent SCHROFF engineering and design resources. The enclosure rendering is a custom design, features and functionality are designed for specific applications. Pictured right is a graphic produced by thermal imaging software to analyze the thermal properties of an enclosure design. These services can be leveraged to solve thermal challenges before the first prototype is built, ultimately enabling a faster design cycle

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