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Customer Success Stories

Partnering With 2bm to Drive Data Center Efficiency

April 28, 2023

Highly complex technology and increasing thermal loads generated by modern information technology (IT) equipment are creating ever-evolving challenges for data centers including high demand for efficient data center cooling.

Discovering New Possibilities in Energy Storage

May 25, 2022

The world is becoming more electric. As individuals and organizations look for new ways to bring sustainable practices into business and everyday life, alternative energy sources like solar power are in high demand.

Sustainable EV Charging Solutions

May 22, 2022

Electric transportation infrastructure is on the rise in South Korea. One example is the city of Seoul, which plans to replace 3,000 buses that currently run on natural gas with electric buses by 2025. 


Successful Partnership

Stainless Steel Freestand Enclosure application in catastrophic environment

System integrator in Florida partners with nVent HOFFMAN engineering team to meet flood-zone protection needs.

ModCenter3-1536x1042.png image

With nVent ModCenter, Small Business Grows into Major Player

South Coast Controls relies on the nVent HOFFMAN ModCenter 293 to take on difficult and dangerous tasks and produce high-quality results.

lightning-strike-protection-hazardous-liquids.jpeg image

Protecting Hazardous Liquids Against Lightning Strikes

CTS partnered with nVent engineers in the Middle East to design a better solution for its storage tank grounding systems.

invisible-link-connects.jpeg image

The Invisible Link that Connects Us

A global telecommunications provider looked to nVent to provide a complete, custom solution to keep things running smoothly,

how-stop-copper-thief-good-disguise.jpeg image

How to Stop a Copper Thief: a Good Disguise

nVent customer BC Hydro is better positioned to respond to cable theft and avoid costly replacement expenses.


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