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Keeping Data Centers Running Smoothly All Year Round

From leak detection to winter freeze prevention, nVent solutions add resilience to mission critical systems

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The world’s infrastructure is becoming more electric, driven by technology and the need for more sustainable solutions. As demand for the internet and the cloud rises, data center managers are responsible for mission critical systems that enable these services. Equipping a data center is a dynamic process—one that requires implementing a variety of solutions to connect and protect.  

nVent can supply solutions that add critical protection and resilience to essential systems throughout data center facilities. From directly supporting advanced IT equipment to keeping facilities running smoothly, many nVent solutions can work together to support mission critical processes at every level of the operation.  

Constant Connections 

Data centers need to keep running 24/7, every day of the year. Because of the importance of uptime, data centers deploy a wide range of monitoring systems that help staff pinpoint and react to potential problems as quickly as possible.  

For instance, liquid and sensitive electronics do not mix. However, liquid plays an integral role in data centers keeping electronics cool so the challenge facing data centers is not as simple as removing liquid sources. Data center staff need to constantly be aware of where and how liquids are flowing through facilities. Any liquid coming into the data center needs to be connected to a leak detection system so that data center staff can quickly identify and react to leaks to minimize damage and downtime.  

While newly built data centers are designed with leak detection and prevention in mind, many data centers are located in standard commercial buildings or retrofitted warehouses where staff may be challenged by unknown or less understood leak sources. In those cases, careful leak detection and prevention designs become even more important. 

Weathering Winter 

Running a data center is a delicate operation to begin with, but data centers located in Northern Europe are faced with the additional challenge of dealing with the hazards of winter weather. 

Water and coolant liquid often flow through pipes located on the roofs of facilities and those pipes need to be protected from frost to ensure a consistent flow of liquid and prevent pipes from breaking. Snow and ice buildup can pose threats to data center operations as well, blocking bifold vents that circulate fresh air into data centers making driveways and walkways slippery, creating safety hazards for delivery and maintenance workers.   

nVent provides a wide range of solutions that keep liquids flowing and prevent snow and ice buildup, all the while monitoring liquid sources for leaks. Heat tracing cables keep pipes and walkways warm and frost free, leak detection solutions pinpoint leaks and everything connects to the same centralized system that easily connects to customers’ building management systems. This provides critical awareness and protection for data center staff. In the event of a liquid leak, nVent’s systems can automatically trigger equipment shutdowns, sound an alarm or alert staff by text message.  

Complexity leads to mistakes, which can lead to failure. Data centers staff prioritize taking measures to prevent leaks and nVent solutions bring simplicity and convenience to designing, installing and maintaining these critical systems. Many people rely on smooth and uninterrupted access to the internet—it is important to keep data centers up and running. 



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