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Customer Success Story

Fire-Rated Wiring and Heat Trace Cables Provide Critical Protection for Metro Systems

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Mass transit plays a critical role in many of our lives. Every day, millions of people take public transportation to go to work and school, to shop at businesses and restaurants and to visit friends and family. A healthy public transportation system supports local business, contributes to environmental sustainability and serves as an important connection between cities and outlying communities.   

But for a public transportation system to be effective, it must be trusted and reliable. If someone is planning on taking the train to a job interview, they need to be able to count on the train arriving on time. Public transportation must also prioritize safety. Transit authorities have a responsibility to minimize risk for passengers. The safety systems in mass transit systems must not fail.  

nVent products helped one of the largest transit authorities in North America build critical protection into its essential systems—helping to keep people and the environment safe from harm. 

Protecting Passengers in Case of Emergency 

nVent's relationship with the Transit Authority began when a contractor needed to source fire rated wiring for the emergency systems in tunnels. Fire rated wiring is designed to remain operational for a designated period even in fire conditions to provide power to systems like emergency lighting, emergency communication and exit signs. If there is a fire in a metro line, people need to be able to quickly locate exits and be able to see where they are going in order to evacuate safely. Metro operators also need to be able to communicate with emergency responders to minimize danger to passengers. For an underground transit system, fire-rated wiring is non-negotiable.  

nVent's fire rated wiring has a low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) coating. This is better for the environment and safer for people because the wires do not give off dangerous smoke and fumes when they are burned. Many metro systems require LSZH cables and operating in an enclosed environment makes these precautions even more important.  

Protecting Systems From Costly Repairs 

The Transit Authority also worked with nVent to install heat tracing for a newly built station that expanded the reach of its light rail and subway systems. Damage to pipes because of freezing conditions can disrupt operations and lead to costly repairs for transit authorities. Heat tracing cables play an important role in keeping critical liquids flowing and preventing pipes from freezing and breaking. 

In areas of the world that experience freezing temperatures for much of the year, heat tracing is an essential safety precaution. In addition to keeping pipes from freezing, heat trace cables can keep stairs and rail platforms in train stations free of snow and ice and reduce slipping hazards.  

nVent not only provided heat tracing product, but helped the customer engineer the entire system, including providing isometric drawings for contractors. This assistance simplified installation and helped ensure the system was set up to operate as intended. 




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