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Discover the Difference with Liquid Cooling


A New Standard in Cooling Solutions

Reliance on the internet and the cloud to execute essential processes is not going away, so companies that run data centers need sustainable long-term solutions. Building more centers would allow companies to reduce utilization rates, but it takes many years to build a data center and the demand for increased capacity is here right now.

The RackChiller CDU800 Coolant Distribution Unit is the first standardized liquid cooling unit under the nVent HOFFMAN brand. The high-density cooling server rack maximizes energy efficiency while taking up minimal floor space relative to the amount of equipment it can hold. The nVent CDU is unlike any other product available. 

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What Does it Take to Make the Switch to Liquid Cooling?

Many new IT and chip technologies are now being designed with liquid cooling in mind. Data centers that only deploy air cooling may struggle to meet the demands of their customers in the future as they seek improved performance and next-generation IT equipment. 




Coolant Distribution Unit  (CDU) Solutions

The Coolant Distribution Unit pumps the liquid at the desired temperature directly onto the chip or server, playing the middle-man for the cooling infrastructure to the IT.

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Optimized Data Center Solutions for a Sustainable Future

nVent recognized as top Data Center Solutions Provider





Why Should Data Center Operators Make the Switch to Liquid Cooling?

Data center facility planners, thermal engineers and architects are responsible for enabling the mission critical internet and cloud services that we all depend on. This critical infrastructure allows us to take advantage of the benefits of rapidly developing technologies that are changing the way we work, shop and interact with one another in an electrified world. 

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Edge and Data Center Cooling Solutions

Precision and High Density Liquid Cooling Brochure





Liquid Cooling Products

See our dedicated product selection.

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