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T-Series Vertical Transition Filler Material Kit

T-Series vertical filler material kits contain the following: Filler material, two vertical packings, pouring basin ceramic guide tube and pouring basin crucible ceramic and disk. All filler material kits contain one-time use components that are sized to a specific sleeve, pouring basin and pouring basin crucible combination. Ordering filler material kits simplifies ordering, reduces order errors and helps ensure proper sizing of components.

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Filler Material Kit Components
Filler Material Kit Filler  Material Packing (2 Required) Pouring Basin  Ceramic Insert  and Disk Pouring Basin  Ceramic  Guide Tube
RBT910101B RBF105 RBS354712 RBS35475.5 RBS5037 RBS5038
RBT911101B RBF125 RBS354714 RBS35476 RBS5037 RBS5038
RBT1011101B RBF125 RBS354712 RBS35476 RBS5037 RBS5038
RBT1114101B RBF125 RBS354715 RBS35476 RBS5037 RBS5039
RBT1118101B RBF240 RBS354712 RBS354720 RBS5037 RBS5039
RBT1418101B RBF195 RBS354720 RBS35477 RBS5037 RBS5039


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