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Transit networks throughout the world utilize contact rails (or third rail) for vehicle traction power. In cold weather regions, protecting this critical infrastructure from snow and ice buildup helps transits avoid service disruptions that could potentially leave passengers stranded. With solutions that include both self-regulating and power limiting heating technologies, nVent third rail heating systems are energy efficient, while providing robust heating power capable of melting ice in even the harshest conditions.  nVent third rail heating solutions can be applied to both top contact and bottom contact transmission systems, as well as various third rail profiles, including 84 C, 85 C, 150 lbs., and the new stainless steel clad aluminum construction. nVent RAYCHEM has supplied New York City with 1.5 million feet of third rail heating systems, trusted to prevent delays and disruptions in a rapid transit system that serves approximately six million riders every day. 

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