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Railway Heating Systems

nVent offers a wide range of thermal solutions that improve railway safety, reliability and comfort. With innovative heat trace cables from nVent RAYCHEM and railway expertise of nVent ERICO, we provide heating systems for rail infrastructure as well solutions for onboard applications and trackside structures. With references in cold weather regions throughout the world, nVent can meet the needs of most any infrastructure heating project whether it's replacing an existing system, or creating a custom solution for a new build. In addition to advanced heating systems, nVent provides value-added options, including nVent control systems that allow for onsite and remote operation. nVent is the go-to provider for niche heating applications onboard rail vehicles and trackside structures, with systems for platform and door threshold heating. nVent RAYCHEM advanced heating cables are used in special applications other than heating, including fire-rated wiring and leak detection cables for rail tunnels. 

Rail Infrastructure Heating Systems & Components

            <div>Switch Heating Systems</div>

Switch Heating Systems

            <div>Contact Rail Heating Systems</div>

Contact Rail Heating Systems

            <div>Catenary Heating Systems</div>

Catenary Heating Systems

            <div>Heating Control Systems</div>

Heating Control Systems

Rail Clips and Cable Fasteners

Heating Systems for Vehicles and Network Structures

Generic underground metro train in Tokyo Prefecture of Japan - Urban public transportation concept with subway vehicle in japanese capital city

Threshold Heating

art railway station

Auxiliary Freeze Protection

            <div>Transit Vehicle Surface Heating</div>

Transit Vehicle Surface Heating

            <div>Fire Rated Wiring</div>

Fire Rated Wiring