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Lightning Protection

Direct Strike Lightning Protection

From the comprehensive nVent ERICO portfolio we provide two systems for capturing lightning energy. The nVent ERICO System 2000 brings air terminal technology to meet traditional lightning protection needs. A more advanced approach to lightning protection is the nVent ERICO System 3000, which relies on the collection volume principle to determine the most effective placement of lightning protection equipment to ensure safe conveyance and dissipation of the lightning energy into the ground. The nVent ERICO System 3000 currently protects 15,000 facilities, including the tallest and most vulnerable buildings in the world. System 3000 also protects many rail properties, with references that include classification yards, microwave installations, and wayside signal locations.



nVent ERICO Six Point Plan of Protection.png

nVent ERICO Six Point Plan of Protection

The nVent ERICO Six Point Plan of Protection is a system that provides comprehensive electrical protection for railway infrastructure and assets by integrating solutions for lightning protection, grounding and bonding, and surge protection. Each solution is comprised of a custom combination of nVent ERICO products arranged to meet the unique electrical protection requirements of each site. Together, these solutions bring a coordinated approach preventing many types of electrical damage, including lightning strikes and transient over-voltages, and provide general best practice electrical protection during normal operations.The nVent ERICO Six Point Plan of Protection provides an approach to:

  1. Capture the lightning strike.
  2. Convey this energy to ground.
  3. Dissipate the energy into the grounding system
  4. Bond all ground points together.
  5. Protect incoming AC power feeders
  6. Protect low voltage wayside signaling equipmentas well as data/telecommunication circuits.

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