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Employee Resource Groups

What is an Employee Resource Group?

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at nVent are formed by employees who share a common interest, background or experience with a purpose to support each other, foster awareness of diversity, and promote inclusion and respect. They act as a valuable sounding board for strategic diversity objectives at nVent and help create a more engaging work environment. ERGs are a great way for employees with shared interests to get to know each other and use their collective voice to enhance inclusion at nVent. Groups offer special events, networking, professional development and volunteer opportunities throughout the year. nVent offers a variety of ERGs, listed below.

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To create a culture where individuals of all differing abilities and their caregivers thrive through a sense of belonging and holistic support.


Advancing nVent's commitment to inclusion and diversity by building awareness and breaking down barriers to acceptance for LGBTQ+ employees

Charting Courses: Early Career Navigation

Building an inclusive and supportive environment that educates and supports employees in discovering their career goals and expanding their horizons

Conductors: Black/African Ancestry Employee Network

Working to support, uplift, engage and professionally advance Black/African Ancestry employees

Connecting Cultures

Providing a safe, educational, open space for individuals to broaden their understanding and appreciation of multiculturalism, inclusion and diversity


Where Experience and Wisdom are Celebrated​ - Reimagining what it means to get older in the workplace and helping nVent fully utilize the skills and wisdom of its experienced employees.​

Global Women's Network

Offering education, networking, development and business opportunities for women at all levels

Grass Roots

Raising awareness and encouraging the adoption of sustainable practices among nVent employees, and identifying opportunities for the company to improve its sustainability efforts


Representing veterans of all military services, advocating for nVent employees serving in the Reserve or National Guard, and building awareness of the unique perspectives and skills vetera​ns bring to the workplace