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Simplify design to minimize manual drafting and improve quality

Capture and deploy knowledge to standardize design and drive efficiencies

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Connect engineering to manufacturing to improve quality, efficiency and precision

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Maximize employees’ capabilities to solve the shortage of engineers and skilled labor

Accelerate profitable growth


Engineers Benefit from the Simplicity,
Manufacturing Runs Smoother Than Ever


Backed by 75+ years of industry experience, DTM software lets you customize panel designs, enclosures, machines and factory systems using a single source of truth. Share real-time schematics, design files and project plans across teams. Easily integrate components from hundreds of OEMs as well as a full range of nVent HOFFMAN parts and enclosure templates. With information you need at your fingertips, manufacture higher quality enclosures faster—and at a much lower cost.  



Control panel builder



Empower Your Team With Easy-to-Use Tools


As experienced engineers and production specialists age out of the workforce, DTM software eases this transition by simplifying processes and ensuring the continuity of institutional knowledge. Drag-and-drop functionality and design guardrails prevent costly design mistakes, and clear exportable manufacturing instructions put the power of accurate manufacturing in the hands of less skilled workers.

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Leverage Our Limitless Digital Parts Library 


DTM software comes pre-loaded with thousands of the highest quality parts––more smart parts are being added every day. Our digital parts library integrates seamlessly with Cadenas for free, validated components commonly used for panel design, wire routing, multi-system integrations and more. It’s your one trusted source for quality content with both 2D and 3D parts data.

2d and 3d electrical panel design software

The Best Path to Automation


The nVent HOFFMAN DTM Engineering and Manufacturing Software Packages empower engineers to go from concept to print without the time, cost and errors of legacy manual design processes. Designers are alerted immediately via design rule checks if rules are broken, which allows them to fix the mistake prior to sending the design off to manufacturing. The DTM Professional Package offers core features, including 2D and 3D panel design, automated wire routing and online/offline library access. The DTM Premium Package includes next-level features, such as connected single-line drawings and advanced connection wiring diagrams.

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Connect Workstreams. Drive Productivity.


Delivering products on time and on budget requires fast and accurate collaboration between engineering and manufacturing. The nVent HOFFMAN DTM Connected Worker Packages empower your team to do more with less by bringing speed and simplicity to the design phase and eliminating costly delays that slow production and erode margins. Mitigate wasted time, wasted materials, and missed deadlines—and drive the profitable growth you know awaits your business.


Connect Workers 

Software and support for electrical engineers


Less Scrap, Less Rework in Manufacturing


DTM software integrates with key machinery like modification centers and wire processing machines, allowing manufacturers to fully automate enclosure-modification tasks and wire-cutting, which means higher accuracy, faster work and lower labor costs. 


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Get Help From Industry Experts


White-glove service is available, including instructor-led trainings and customized
support options to get your operations up and running faster (in as little as two weeks). Fast-track the software’s core waste-reduction and process-streamlining benefits making the return on investment almost instant. Discover the possibilities and unlock the full power of DTM software.


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nVent HOFFMAN design to manufacturing control panel builder
Automated engineering and manufacturing engine


Scale Up When You’re Ready to Accelerate Growth


DTM software is an automated engineering and manufacturing engine for companies looking to drive smart, profitable growth. You can start with the capabilities you need today, then scale up easily. Process improvements powered by our technology drive better margins and lower waste levels. With DTM software, manufacturers are poised to win at every step of their digital transformation journey.

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