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F2245EGV_LIWWGV_45Elbow, Commercial > Cable and Wire Management > Lay-In Wireway > Lay-In NEMA Type 1 Galvanized Wireway, Galvanized 45-Degree Elbow; F101045EGV, F121245EGV, F2245EGV, F4445EGV, F6645EGV, F8845EGV   . Hover to magnify image or click to enlarge

Elbow 45-Degree Lay-in Galvanized

Lay-in Galvanized 45-Degree Elbows are used for continuous run with 45-degree turns. Any side can be removed, retaining lay-in feature regardless of how the elbow is oriented. Lay-in feature allows wires and cables can be laid in along wireway run. No pulling through of wires or cables prevents damage to insulation that often occurs in a pull-through wiring system. Sides are held together with screws.

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Finish Galvanized
Material Mild Steel
Color Unpainted
Data Copied
Metric   |   Imperial
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