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Library for EPLAN

Minimizing manufacturing lead time and throughput time can improve manufacturing efficiency significantly. These aspects drive digitalization both with nVent HOFFMAN’s customers and in nVent HOFFMAN’s own manufacturing processes. One of many initiatives within nVent HOFFMAN to assist customers in achieving greater production efficiency is the upgraded library for EPLAN.

The nVent HOFFMAN library for EPLAN now includes:

  1. 3D macros for those who work with the Propanel add-on;
  2. Improved 2D macros for those who work with EPLAN P8 version 2.6 or higher;
  3. A complete Parts Management database with technical information, data sheets, and listings of relevant accessories for each enclosure.

This is how nVent HOFFMAN assists you to reduce engineering time:

  • Enclosure macros in two variants featuring left and right hinged doors. This saves time since the macros do not need to be reworked if the default door positioning is changed;
  • More detailed enclosure macros, including gaskets and studs, for example, making it easier to define component distribution.
  • Enclosure macros include drilling restrictions (restrictions are defined to avoid incompatible machine operations that could potentially cause damage to the product or modification machines);
  • Accessory macros include a drilling template (accessories that require machining on the enclosure include a machine template to reduce time and avoid mistakes. One example is when preparing for mounting of filter fans);
  • Accessories are linked to the relevant enclosures. All accessories with a single location snap on to the enclosure automatically. Those with several locations are inserted using a smart grid, which could be placed on the hole pattern of a floor standing frame, for example;
  • Parts Management includes all relevant and reliable data such as article and EAN references, certifications, data sheets, dimensions and weights, mounting space and more. Accessories are included in Parts Management and are linked to the relevant enclosure;
  • Enclosure macros include variants for each view, where each enclosure available in 2D is structured in several variants including front, mounting plate, top and bottom, and right and left;

The upgraded EPLAN library for 2D and 3D is offered for each product line, e.g. for floor standing enclosures. And each enclosure range, including accessories within a product line, is offered as a separate EDZ file. Such a file includes the 2D and 3D macros plus the Parts Management database. Suitable for EPLAN P8 version 2.6 or higher and Propanel add-on.