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DTM Training & Services



 DTM Training & Services


We recognize the critical role of training in software adoption and proficiency. Discover how our training & services empower users to maximize the potential of our DTM software. From instructor-led training to kickstart services, we're committed to equipping users with the knowledge and skills needed to unlock the full capabilities of DTM software.


Instructor-Led Training
  • DTM – Basic
  • DTM – Advanced
  • DTM Connected Worker
  • DTM Tools
  • Service by the hour
  • Library Kickstart Service
  • Project Kickstart Service
  • MOD Center Output Setup & Training
  • PWA Center Output Setup & Training
  • SOW Based Service


DTM Training and Services

nVent HOFFMAN offers a wide range of training services to meet your DTM Software implementation needs. Some of our larger customers request onsite training, while others prefer online training. Our most popular training offering is the online option with a live instructor.