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DTM Engineering & Manufacturing Packages

DTM Engineering & Manufacturing Packages

Simplify design. Connect engineering to manufacturing.

Revolutionize your engineering workflow and expedite project timelines with nVent HOFFMAN DTM Engineering and Manufacturing software packages. Designed to seamlessly transition electrical panel designs from concept to print, our Professional and Premium packages simplify the design process while capturing crucial manufacturing data to propel automated manufacturing.

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FeaturesDTM ProfessionalDTM Premium
Schematic and Panel (Design Collaboration)  
Live online design rule checks to eliminate errors before they occur
Passive design rule checks to inspect design quality 
Automatically select pin terminals based on wire size
Real-time information synchronization between drawing types
Automated selection of connector mates, inserts, contacts, wire end treatments, seals, plugs, etc. 
Manage project organization by location or function
Intelligent tagging for devices, wires, cables and other design objects
Supports PLC based designs with intelligent I/O management
Supports terminal strip planning and assignment
Supports options and variance in design
Connection wiring diagrams automatically reference schematic and panel layout data 
Add multiple views of an object  
FeaturesDTM ProfessionalDTM Premium
Schematic Design
Automated naming and signal management 
Automatically maintain signal continuity and integrity
Automatically size wires based on pin restrictions
Auto place shields, bundles and other cabling details
Supports auto-connect and holds connection if components are moved
Intelligent off page connection management
Real-time component cross reference management
Ensure integrity of connector mates
Avoid signal cross connection or shorts for named signals
Automatically update data across the project
Create intelligent single line drawings  
Create intelligent connection wiring diagrams 
Single line drawings automatically update from and to schematics 
Create cable layout views 
Define dynamic cables in the project 
Represent complete connector with a single pin representation  
Intelligently split and merge connectors pins 
FeaturesDTM ProfessionalDTM Premium
Panel Layout
2D Panel layout
3D Panel layout
Route wires automatically with manufacturing accuracy
Apply cutouts and keep outs for enclosure modification
Detect collision in 3D while placing object in 2D
Bi-directional representation of 2D and 3D views
Intelligent duct and rail hole calculations
Intelligent mounting inside panels
Create 2D drawings of 3D layout 
View all or single enclosure in one drawing
Connected sub-section views of enclosure
Define wire routing path with ducts in the panel layout
Plan signal inclusion and exclusion from wire ducts
Shortest path detection for wire routes
Collision detection in 3D to ensure manufacturability
Automatic wire numbering and device tagging 
FeaturesDTM ProfessionalDTM Premium
Library and Database Management
Easy to use library of parts
Shared library for multiple teams and sites
Capture manufacturing and engineering data in one place
MS SQL, Oracle or Access database for sharing parts and standards
Company specific customizable attributes and text types
Easy to create panel parts with STEP or DWG 
Add 3D details to 2D objects
Part management as one object with multiple representations to ensure consistency
Manage connectors with mates and inserts
Define and manage reusable circuits or blocks in library 
Define cables and connectivity in the library
Define keep out areas and restrictions in the library
Define drill holes, cutouts, and other physical details in the library
Define mounting details in the library
Manage wires and cables in the library 
Configure part rules for accurate wire sizes and lengths 
Automatic wire numbering and device tagging 
FeaturesDTM ProfessionalDTM Premium
Import and Export
Export as DWG
Export as PDF
Create export for Modcenter cutouts
Create export for PWA
Create export for other wiring machines
Create ballooned onpage B.O.M
Import STEP models to create panel parts
Automatic wire numbering and device tagging 
FeaturesDTM ProfessionalDTM Premium
Automation and Reporting
Open API to create own customizations
Built-in reports to extract pertinent data
Custom report creation, design, and processing tools
Automatically create terminal layout drawings
Generate drawings from excel data
Start designs from excel From-to lists
Create output for automated test machines 
Automatic wire numbering and device tagging 


DTM Professional Package

Accelerate your engineering projects with the nVent HOFFMAN DTM Professional package. Seamlessly transition from concept to print with advanced schematic and panel design features, including 2D and 3D design capabilities, automated wire routing, and online and offline library access.


DTM Premium Package

Empower your engineering teams to achieve unparalleled efficiency with the nVent HOFFMAN DTM Premium package. Building upon the robust features of our Professional option, our Premium package takes electrical panel design to the next level, streamlining processes and accelerating project timelines.