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Data Solutions Webinar Archive

2022 Data Solutions Webinars

Data Center Liquid Cooling Mission Critical Campaign

Hybrid Cooling (Liquid and Air)

Join us as Matt Archibald talks about recent innovations and legacy innovations that have helped Data Centers keep servers running at an optimal temperature. We will address the fear of water and electronics being in close proximity. We will also look at products that nVent HOFFMAN has taken to provide products and systems to keep the electronics cool and dry.

Draft-nVent-WEBNR-H87181-Datacenterimage-EN-2106.jpg image

Cooling Components in Data Centers

Data drives us. Communication is continuous. Information is constantly being transferred to the cloud and back. All of those compute cycles create heat in the servers which needs to be dissipated to keep the servers from overheating. Come join us as we hear from Matt Archibald as he speaks about the changing nature of cooling in Data Centers.

2021 Data Solutions Webinars


Security Applications

Cameras are everywhere. In some municipalities, police have employed not only cameras but “shot detectors” to make sure their cameras are facing the right direction during an event. Remote security at power transformers ensures that people do not tamper with equipment and assume they will get away with it. Outdoor building security needs the cameras to be protected. We will look at different applications and how we can help ensure critical infrastructure is secure.

A closeup of a seismograph machine needle drawing a red line on graph paper depicting seismic and eartquake activity - 3D render

Deploying Equipment in Seismic Zones

Seismic activity has caused many municipalities to enact requirements of mission-critical infrastructure. nVent has decades of experience in seismic areas and has developed products to meet the demanding needs of these areas. Join us as we look at some of the innovative solutions on the market to keep equipment safe in seismic zones.


Datacom: From Data Centers to Edge Computing

It has often been said that the mobile phones we have today had more computing power than the computer that landed the Apollo spacecraft on the moon. Dr. Gordon Moore, the founder of Intel, stated that semiconductor transistor speed is doubling every 18 to 24 months. Today we have become dependent upon electronics, and the more we consume, the more infrastructure needs to be in place to support the demand. We will look at trends and how nVent is positioned to help the infrastructure need.

Abstract background of wires and glowing particles

Fiber to the Exchange, Fiber to the Home

Remote offices, remote schools, and orders to stay at home have taxed the infrastructure in many communities. The increased bandwidth needs have prompted many to upgrade their home service prompting the data vendors to upgrade and expand their networks. Fiber optic cables that deliver high-speed data service are now becoming the norm in many major cities. We will look at the challenges and infrastructure necessary to bring fiber to the home.

Smart city and communication network concept. 5G. LPWA (Low Power Wide Area). Wireless communication.

5G and Where We Fit in the Telecomm Market

How 5G works, how it works in conjunction with the existing 4G network, and how nVent products complement and protect the equipment that is the backbone of the systems. The future of communication and the internet continues to evolve. 5G is the latest iteration of the network that carries the packets and signals from one device to another.

2020 Data Solutions Webinars

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Emerging Trends in Data Communications Applications

Data communications bandwidth has never been as utilized as it has, since the onset of so many people working remotely. We will look at the trends and directions that this global shakeup in the workforce has set in motion and the need for a robust infrastructure to support it.

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Networking IDF Solutions

Please join us for a review of the nVent HOFFMAN DataCom industrial networking and intermediate distribution frame portfolio. We’ll be reviewing what the industrial networking market looks like, terms/classifications, and the nVent products available in this space.

Advanced Cooling Technologies

As chip densities increase, customers are looking for new technologies and solutions to help overcome the heat challenges to support next-generation IT systems. This also includes new methods for IT deployments, especially around Edge Computing, where IT systems are deployed in non-traditional locations. This session will cover the different solutions and technologies within the nVent portfolio and how nVent is continuing to connect and protect IT systems in a changing world.


DNS Racks and Cabinet Overview

We’re going back to the basics. Please join us for a review of the nVent Hoffman DataCom rack and cabinet portfolio. We’ll be reviewing open-frame racks, closed racks, wall-mount cabinets, and get a sneak peek into what’s coming.

data-center-rack-power-distribution-unit-PDU-market-400x225.jpg image

PDUs and Guardian Gateway

Please join us to learn about smart connectivity for nVent products. Topics will include Guardian Management Gateway, supporting remote management and monitoring of critical parameters, next-level power distribution with pre-configured standard PDUs, and advanced sales pitch to address smart power management requirements.


Data Center Cooling: Rear Door and In-Row

Please join us to learn about trends in Data Center Cooling and nVent’s High Precision Cooling Products. Topics will include In Row Coolers, Active and Passive Rear Door Coolers, how to sell them, as well as current projects.