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Chiller Solutions

nVent HOFFMAN Chiller solutions provide a worry-free confidence that your critical electrical systems and machinery are protected to maximize uptime and extend life.


Industrial Chillers help create optimal conditions for the reliable operation of products, mechanisms, and machinery in a variety of industries. nVent HOFFMAN Chillers are configurable and available in a wide range of capacities to provide flexibility to meet precise cooling requirements. They’re designed to minimize footprint, be serviced and maintained easily, and integrate with other products for a scalable system solution. 

Our industrial water Chiller range is available in sizes from small to large with a variety of features. Chillers can be used to cool critical equipment or paired with air-to-water heat exchangers for enclosure cooling.

  • With over 40 configuration options, in the 3,100 to 187,000 BTU/Hr capacity range, the Chiller can be optimized to fit specific equipment needs across a variety of industries.
  • The small footprint design saves critical space for machinery and equipment.
  • Eco-friendly design available with high performing, energy efficient fans and Microchannel Condensers to reduce the amount of refrigerant required.
  • A precision up to ±1°F (±0.5°C) can be achieved for high quality production and system reliability.
  • Available in indoor or outdoor installation allows for maximum location flexibility.
  • Designed for serviceability to keep critical systems running, combined with nVent’s industry leading service and support.

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