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Engineering and Design Services

Let the nVent ERIFLEX engineering team help assist you with your project needs.

nVent ERIFLEX delivers low voltage power distribution solutions that reduce total installed cost and increase design flexibility by providing a comprehensive range of innovative and reliable products through global end user application expertise.

nVent ERIFLEX Engineering Support

By leveraging nVent ERIFLEX solutions and using our engineering expertise, designers and manufacturers can reduce their total installation costs while improving safety and reliability, and meeting stringent customer requirements.

Let our in-house experts assist by supporting your system design, providing technical and configuration advice or quoting for complete low-voltage power solutions.

To assist with assembly manufacturing, our nVent ERIFLEX team provides:

Design Support

Our proprietary interactive panel software

Training and assistance during installation

Early involvement that results in optimal solutions for compactness, quality, cost-effectiveness and compliance to relevant standards

nVent ERIFLEX Product Solutions

Trusted nVent solutions include: nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Advanced, Braids and IBS/IBSB Advanced – all designed to meet your most challenging panel design and production requirements.

Grounding and Bonding Braids

nVent ERIFLEX engineers can coordinate on-site with project installers, site supervisors, field engineers and quality professionals to assess site conditions and recommend electrical protection solutions customized for each site’s individual needs and requirements.

nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Advanced

nVent ERIFLEX can provide pre-formed Flexibar configurations to your drawing specifications. Flexibar can be cut, punched, twisted or bent to suit your most challenging panelboard designs and production scheduling requirements.


nVent ERIFLEX Online Configuration Software

Simplify by Calculating and Designing with nVent ERIFLEX Online.

ERIFLEX_DesignSoftware_2.png image

nVent ERIFLEX makes it easy to create a technical panel layout with all of the necessary nVent ERIFLEX components. If you are designing a complete low-voltage busbar system, creating a distribution kit or determining a flexible connection with nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar, you can trust nVent ERIFLEX software to simplify the process.

Developed to the new IEC 61439-1 standard, our interactive software guides users step-by-step through the creation and calculation of a project with easy-to-follow instructions available in 12 languages. 

This interactive tool includes:

  • Project design optimization
  • An updated nVent ERIFLEX price list
  • A project calculator for cost optimization
  • Associated technical and commercial datasheets
  • A user-friendly interface



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Learn How with our Video

Watch a quick how-to video to learn how to design a low-voltage power distribution system with nVent ERIFLEX Online.

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