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nVent ERIFLEX FleXbus Advanced

Easy-to-install Flexible Power Connection Solution from 500 A to 6300 A

nVent ERIFLEX FleXbus is an innovative and patented connection solution between two electrical equipment installations, such as transformers, switchboards, generators or large uninterrupted power supplies (UPS). Due to its unique concept, FleXbus is an alternative power connection solution for up to 50% quicker installation and a minimum of 20% reduction in total installed cost.


  • Versatile, customizable, user friendly and no specific tool require
  • Attractive for short distances, up to 25 meters
  • No specialized labor force necessary with a ready-to-use solution
  • Very flexible conductor with no bending radius to follow
  • Achieve virtually any layout and overcome any imperfections that may be found on-site
  • No cable tray necessary to support FleXbus Conductors


  • Up to 50% quicker to install than busduct or wireway/cable tray with multiple cables and lugs



  • IEC worldwide tested and certified
  • Low smoke, halogen-free, flame retardant and high-temperature resistant
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  • Only one conductor per phase from 400 kVA (560 A) to 1600 kVA (2250 A) and two conductors per phase for 2000 kVA (2800 A) to 3150 kVA (4435 A) when cable solution requires multiple conductors per phase
  • Three FleXbus conductors per phase for 5000 & 6300 A
  • No need for specific engineering/study or strict installation measurement
  • A minimum of 20% total installation cost reduction

FleXbus Solution Overview

Low-voltage power connection system overview with products & accessories.

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FleXbus Comparison

Comparison with other solutions like cables and busduct at 30°C ambient.

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Our Calculation and Selection Tool is available online. Please contact your nVent ERIFLEX representative or register online.

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Need more information? Read the available nVent ERIFLEX FleXbus documentation.

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