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IBSHY Insulated Braided Conductor for Compact Circuit Breakers

IBSHY is the ideal ready-to-install flexible wire replacement solution that is specifically designed for connections from compact molded case circuit breakers with typical current rating of 125/160 A to copper busbar . The IBSHY connects to the front access terminals of the breakers without any additional accessories, such as angular connectors, spreaders, ring terminal connectors or extenders. IBSHY is available in cross section of 32 mm² (63.15 kcmil), lengths from 230 to 830 mm (9.1" to 32.7").

Manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified proprietary automated facility, IBSHY is formed by weaving high-quality electrolytic copper wire to form a durable low voltage connector with maximum flexibility that allows for more compact power connections to circuit breakers. The IBSHY allows users to reduce the total size and weight of the installation, improving both design flexibility and assembly aesthetics.

The IBSHY features integral pre-punched palms at one end with a pre-punched crimped tube at the other end both of which are ready to connect out of the box. There are no lugs to purchase or install, making connections simpler and faster and eliminating faulty connections due to vibration or fatigue.

These specific shapes give users the advantage to have the possibility to link a compact circuit breaker, or other apparatus, using connection by cage or bolt to a copper busbar with a larger bolt.

The insulation is a high-resistance, self-extinguishing, and halogen free glass fiber reinforced silicone providing possible high working temperature. IBSHY is compatible with all major brand compact molded case circuit breakers with 125/160 A nominal current. Contact your nVent ERIFLEX representative to determine the correct size for your application.

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Wire Diameter 0.01"
Wire Diameter 0.15 mm
Peak Short Circuit Current (Ipk) 15 kA
Typical Application Current Rating 160 A
Max Working Voltage, IEC (Ui) 1000; 1500
Material Copper; Glass Fibre Reinforced Silicone
Complies With IEC® 60439.1; IEC® 61439.1
Finish Tinned
Flammability Rating UL® 1441 VW-1
Working Temperature −60 to 250 °C
Working Temperature −76 to 482 °F
Data Copied
Metric   |   Imperial
Maximum Ampacity Ratings
Cross Section (mm²/kcmil) ΔT 30° C (A) ΔT 35° C (A) ΔT 40° C (A) ΔT 45° C (A) ΔT 50° C (A) ΔT 55° C (A) ΔT 60° C (A) ΔT 65° C (A) ΔT 70° C (A) ΔT 75° C (A) ΔT 80° C (A) ΔT 100° C (A) ΔT 120° C (A) 2 Bar Current Coefficient 3 Bar Current Coefficient
32/63.15 142 153 164 174 184 193 201 209 217 225 235 263 290 1.6 2
Circuit Breaker Compatibility
Circuit Breaker Current Rating 125/160 A
Part Number IBSHY32x
Schneider Electric® Compact® (IEC) NSA NG 125
Square D® PowerPact® (UL) H-Frame
ABB® Tmax® (IEC) T1 T2 XT1 XT2
ABB® Tmax® (UL) T1 T2 XT1 XT2
GE® Record Plus® (IEC/UL) FD 160
Siemens® Sentron® (IEC/UL) VL160X 3VL1 VL160 3VL2
Moeller® xEnergy® (IEC) NZM1
Cutler Hammer® Series G (UL) EG Frame
Legrand® (IEC) DPX 160 DPX3 160
Hager® (IEC) h3 160
Rockwell/Allen Bradley (UL) G-Frame H-Frame


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