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IBS Advanced Round Insulated Braided Conductor, Halogen Free

IBS Advanced Round Insulated Braided Conductor, Halogen Free are the ideal ready-to-install flexible wire replacement solution. Round IBS Advanced connect to the terminals of an electrical device without the need for additional accessories, such as angular connectors, spreaders, ring terminal connectors or extenders. Round IBS Advanced are available in cross sections of 120, 185 and 240 mm² (236.82, 365.10, and 473.65 kcmil), lengths from 330 to 1,030 mm (9.06" to 40.55"), and amperages ranging from 420 to 630 A.

Manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified automated facility, round IBS Advanced is formed by weaving high-quality electrolytic copper wire to form a durable low voltage connector with maximum flexibility that allows for more compact power connections to electrical devices. The round IBS Advanced allows users to reduce the total size and weight of the installation, improving both design flexibility and assembly aesthetics.

The round IBS Advanced features pre-punched palms that are ready to connect out of the box. There are no lugs to purchase or install, making connections simpler and faster and eliminating faulty connections due to vibration or fatigue.

The advanced technology insulation is a high-resistance low smoke, halogen-free and flame retardant thermoplastic.

Round IBS Advanced does not generate corrosive gases and produces a relatively low smoke opacity in accordance with IEC 61034-2 and UL 2885. The low smoke characteristic improves the visibility conditions for people to be able to easily locate the emergency exit and also allows rescue workers to better assess an emergency situation. Round IBS Advanced means greater safety for individuals, less damage for your electrical equipment and less environmental impact.

The halogen–free feature enables a reduction in the quantity of toxic smoke. Round IBS Advanced does not contain any halogens, according to IEC 60754-1 and UL 2885, minimizing toxicity and making it the ideal product for use in enclosed spaces such as data centers, rail, and public facilities such as hospitals and schools. This also facilitates the use of round IBS Advanced in specific applications such as submarines, switchboards and other enclosed environments that require a low emissions solution.

In addition to the above features, round IBS Advanced is also compliant with the UL 94-V0 testing standard and Glow wire test 960 °C. The flame retardant portion of the test illustrates the self-extinguish feature. This superior feature of round IBS Advanced is also shown by the Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) at 30%. In case of fire, round IBS Advanced generates a limited quantity of smoke that is less damaging to your electrical equipment.

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Wire Diameter 0.006"
Insulation Thickness 0.070"
Wire Diameter 0.15 mm
Insulation Thickness 1.8 mm
Dielectric Strength 20 kV/mm
Insulation Elongation 500 %
Max Working Voltage, UL 67 600 VAC/DC
Max Working Voltage, IEC/UL 758 1,000 VAC;1,500 VDC
Material Copper;Thermoplastic Elastomer
Complies With IEC® 60439.1;IEC® 60695-2-11 (Glow Wire Test 960 °C);IEC® 61439.1;IEC® 61439.1 Class II
Halogen Free Rating UL® 2885;IEC® 60754-1;IEC® 62821-1
Low Smoke Rating IEC® 61034-2;ISO 5659-2;UL® 2885
Finish Tinned
UV Resistance Rating UL® 854;UL® 2556
Certification Details UL® 67;UL® 758
Flammability Rating UL® 94V-0
Working Temperature -50 to 115 °C
Working Temperature -58 to 239 °F
Data Copied
Metric   |   Imperial
Maximum Ampacity Ratings
Cross Section (mm²/kcmil) ΔT 30° C (A) ΔT 40° C (A) ΔT 45° C (A) ΔT 50° C (A) ΔT 55° C (A) ΔT 60° C (A) ΔT 70° C (A) 2 Bar Current Coefficient
120/236.82 325 376 398 420 441 460 497 1.6
185/365.10 407 470 499 526 552 576 622 1.6
240/473.65 488 563 598 630 661 690 745 1.6


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