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Renewable Energy System Electrical Connections


Flexible conductors, power blocks and terminals, grounding braids and other low-voltage distribution solutions for solar, wind, hydrogen.

Wind, solar, hydrogen and other types of alternative energy infrastructure require dependable electrical system connections to ensure safe, efficient operations.

Low-voltage power distribution solutions from nVent ERIFLEX give renewable power producers confidence in a strong electrical connection between cables and components in wind turbines, solar conversion equipment, hydrogen electrolyzer station and other places in which equipment and facility performance is paramount.

Including flexible conductors, power and distribution blocks, insulators, grounding braids and cable sleeves, we offer a number of ways to construct proper electrical systems that will last for the lifetime of your renewable energy installation. Our products are known for quality and consistency that last for decades, even where conditions are a constant challenge.

nVent Electrical Protection for Solar Power

Download the solar brochure from nVent including grounding and bonding, power connections, surge and lightning protection, and fastening solutions for renewable power generation.


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Electrical Connection Solutions for Solar Infrastructure

Photovoltaic (PV) Array

Rooftop Photovoltaic (PV) Array

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distribution solutions from nVent ERIFLEX

nVent ERIFLEX Flexible Busbar

Flexible Conductors

In applications such as solar inverter boxes, flexible copper busbar is an effective alternative to cables and lugs, helping to improve power density while creating space and weight savings. By eliminating the need for compression lugs, Flexibar from nVent ERIFLEX reduces the number of power connections needed. The power density can be extended to even greater levels by using made-to-order (MTO) Flexibar or MTO braids that can be configured to your specifications.

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nVent ERIFLEX Distribution Blocks

Power and Distribution Blocks

Distribution blocks from nVent ERIFLEX are cost-competitive, come with standard finger-safe blocks and easily clip onto DIN rails or mount to panels with screws. In addition, our easy-to-use power blocks provide a high-quality connection between two electrical circuits.

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nVent ERIFLEX Braided Shunt

Insulated Braided Shunts (IBSB)

Braided conductors made with insulated copper wire offer an extra-flexible power connection in wind turbine and solar photovoltaic (PV) electrical systems. nVent ERIFLEX insulated braided shunts are a cost-effective alternative to electrical cable and eliminate the need for lugs or intermediate connection devices. nVent IBSB Advanced is a ready-to-use solution.

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nVent ERIFLEX Din Rail

DIN Profiles

DIN profiles allow rapid framework assembly to simplify jobs and save contractors time. Our DIN rail profiles feature bichromated galvanized steel to offer high mechanical and corrosion resistance.

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More for Alternative Energy

nVent ERIFLEX also bring you options for busbar clamps and supports, cabling, insulators and other electrical system components for renewable energy applications where reliable low-voltage power distribution is critical.

Uniquely positioned, our products provide the electrical system connectors and power distribution components for solar, wind, hydroelectric and other alternative energy infrastructure worldwide. As a global organization, nVent has experience with regional codes, standards and practices, including OEM specs for solar and wind installations.

We have your needs covered with:

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Solutions for solar photovoltaic power systems, including modules, combiner/inverter boxes, off-grid monitoring devices, batteries and charge controllers.


Components for making strong electrical connections in wind turbine blades, nacelles and towers.

Smart city and communication network concept. 5G. LPWA (Low Power Wide Area). Wireless communication.

A global logistics network to support you no matter where you operate.

View on the rooftop solar power plant with mann walking and examining photovoltaic panels. Concept of alternative energy and its service

Custom engineering solutions for your next renewable energy project.

Renewables Resources


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