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nVent ERIFLEX Applications

nVent ERIFLEX Applications

nVent ERIFLEX products are used in several applications including rail, energy storage, e-mobility and electric vehicle electrical charging stations, data centers and DNS and wind, solar, hydrogen and other types of alternative energy infrastructure.

railway system, communication-based train control, railway network

Railway Connections

Learn more about nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology for rail applications.

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Concept of energy storage system. Renewable energy power plants - photovoltaics, wind turbine farm and  battery container. 3d rendering.

Energy Storage

See how nVent ERIFLEX solutions play an important role in reliable connection and protection for critical power infrastructure.

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Plug-in electric vehicle with glow and motion blur and red light trails 3d rendering

E-Mobility and Electric Vehicles

nVent ERIFLEX is the trusted provider for e-mobility needs includng standard and customized product solutions and more.

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rack with blade behind bars mainframe in the data center

Data Centers

See how nVent ERIFLEX Flexible Busbar, distribution blocks and insulators are used in data centers and DNS applications.

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Sustainable and ecological energies. Solar panels and windmills that collect ecological energy

Renewable Energy

Flexible conductors, power blocks and terminals, grounding braids and other low-voltage distribution solutions for solar, wind, hydrogen.

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