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nVent ERIFLEX Advanced for Rail

nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology for Rail

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nVent ERIFLEX low voltage power distribution solutions are well suited for railway electrical systems throughout the network, from trackside cabinets to onboard electrical panels. nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology products contribute to safe, reliable and efficient electrical installations with a comprehensive product line with innovative material compositions and unique designs, including:

  • Flexible busbars
  • Power conductors
  • Distribution and power blocks
  • Metallic braids
  • Cabling sleeves

Offering space saving flexibility, nVent ERIFLEX products are ideal for retrofitting new electrical equipment into legacy infrastructure, especially in onboard systems where space is limited. The Advanced Technology product line meets EN-45545-2, a key European fire-performance requirement for products used onboard railway vehicles.

Superior performance can also mean, in some cases, the single nVent ERIFLEX connection can replace multiple runs of conventional cable. All of these efficiencies yield cost savings that add up.


Dive deep into nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar technology and design. 

Download the nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Technical Handbook to learn more about design for Flexibar, application considerations and how to select products. 



Specify Advanced Technology on your next project. 

Download and insert specifications for all products at once.


Watch our video to learn more about the benefits of our nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology products for the rail industry, see rail specific certifications, application benefits, and more here. 


nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Solutions Provide:



nVent ERIFLEX products such as nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Advanced flexible busbar are extremely flexible, allowing for connections in tight confines. Flexibar Advanced can be bent and shaped for all sizes, making it ideal for unique rail applications. 

Space Savings


nVent ERIFLEX products such as nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Advanced flexible busbar are lightweight, low profile and extremely compact. Specifically, nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Advanced consumes 25% less volume and weigh 40% less than traditional cable wire. 

Safety and Conformance

nVent ERIFLEX offers a range of Advanced Technology solutions, which consist products with material compositions that are low smoke, halogen free, flame retardant and capable of operating at high temperatures, of which are critical properties for electrical system components in railways. Both Flexibar Advanced flexible busbar and IBSB Advanced insulated braided conductor conform with EN-45545-2.


Superior Performance

nVent ERIFLEX products have superior performance compared to conventional cable wire. With greater ampacity, Flexibar Advanced can replace multiple runs of conventional cable wire. 


Railways are currently transitioning to next generation systems (including telecom), constituting some of the biggest changes in railway technology in generations. nVent products are positioned to meet the future needs of the rail industry, including the nVent ERIFLEX product line which are well suited for both the rail environment and the industry transition to increasingly advanced electrical and electronic systems. Product such as Flexibar Advanced have been successfully introduced to major transportation OEMs for onboard electrical systems. The versatility of nVent ERIFLEX products even extends beyond onboard and wayside electrical panels – nVent ERIFLEX MBJ metallic braids have recently been accepted as a track connector in a rail signal bond application. 


Download Rail Resources

Find a variety of resources for nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology for Rail and our other nVent Rail product lines here. 


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