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The nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Family of Products

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As the volume of power conductors and electrical devices drastically increases across industrial, commercial and residential environments, so too does the demand for manufacturers to choose proper electrical protection for both equipment and people. Fires that involve dangerous plastics can produce toxic fumes, injuring people and damaging equipment.

As a leader in the electrical power conductor industry, nVent ERIFLEX has worked to meet market needs by developing a unique and safer thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) solution. After extensive research, nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology is establishing a new gold standard that combines unique features: low smoke, halogen-free, flame retardant (LSHFFR) and high temperature properties without compromising the flexibility of our power conductors range.

In addition, our busbar supports, distribution and power blocks, and insulators also offer the same Advanced Technology unique safety features.


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Power Conductors + nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Advanced

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After extensive research, nVent ERIFLEX is proud to establish a new gold standard in terms of insulation for flexible busbar called nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Advanced. The new products are low-smoke, halogen-free and flame retardant all while maintaining the level of flexibility and reliability that our partners have come to expect from nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar.

Compared to standard PVC insulation, Flexibar Advanced does not generate corrosive gases and produces a relatively low smoke opacity in accordance with ISO 5659-2. The low smoke characteristic improves the visibility conditions for people to be able to easily locate the emergency exit and also allows rescue workers to assess an emergency situation more clearly. Flexibar Advanced means greater safety for individuals, less damage for your electrical equipment and less environmental impact.

The halogen-free feature enables a reduction in the quantity of toxic smoke. Flexibar Advanced does not contain any halogens, according to IEC 60754-1, minimizing toxicity and making it the ideal product for use in enclosed spaces such as data centers, rail and other spaces where people are welcome such as hospitals and schools. This also facilitates the use of Flexibar Advanced in specific applications such as submarines, switchboards and other enclosed environments that require a low emissions solution.

In addition to being halogen-free, Flexibar Advanced is also compliant with the UL 94-V0 testing standard. The flame retardant portion of the test illustrates the self-extinguish feature. This superior feature of Flexibar Advanced is also shown by the Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) at 30%. In case of fire, Flexibar Advanced generates a limited quantity of smoke that is less damaging to your electrical equipment.

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Featured Products

Low Voltage Insulators

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nVent ERIFLEX offers a full range of low-voltage stand-off with a total of 29 sizes available. The cost-effective insulators offer great stability of electrical and mechanical parameters and very high resistance to leakage current. The insulators are manufactured from a halogen-free fiberglass-reinforced thermalset unsaturated polyester molded compound (BMC). Their electro-plated zinc inserts are threaded to ASME® standards. The insulators work in temperatures from -40°F to 266°F. The stand-off insulators meet the requirements of UL 94 VO for self-extinguishing materials and are UL recognized to Standard 891, Annex G, Dead-front Switchboards and Accessories, File No.E125470. The insulators are also UL recognized for Canada for material and strength. nVent ERIFLEX insulators are the first on the market to be in compliance with the CSA standard.

Featured Products

Distribution + Power Blocks

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nVent ERIFLEX offers a wide selection of compact halogen free single pole, two pole, and four pole distribution blocks and a complete range of assembly support products for easy fastening to DIN rails or steel sheet.

The blocks offer easy assembly with visual inspection to allow for confirmation of connections to a wide range of conductors including nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Advanced and IBS/IBSB Advanced. The high fill ratio ensures optimal electrical connectivity even in tight assemblies.

Learn more about our Distribution Blocks + Power Blocks

Adjustable Busbar Supports

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nVent ERIFLEX offers a full range of adjustable busbar supports to accommodate unique installations needs. With multiple profiles, universal fixing and mounting solutions with Compact Adjustable Busbar Supports (CABS) and modular hardware, it’s easy to find a solution that fits your application.

Save time and cost by providing a professional and standardized solution, while emphasizing the flexibility for multiple design configurations and providing a template for busbar supports with nVent ERIFLEX adjustable busbar support range of products.

  • Adjustable distance between phases
  • Quick adjustment to busbar thickness 5 or 10 mm
  • High resistance to short-circuit forces
  • Excellent security of equipment
  • Universal fixing
  • Working temperature: -40°C up to 130°C
  • Self-extinguishing UL 94 VO

Featured Products

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