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Tower Mounted Ground Bar

Most equipment on telecommunication towers are grounded by connecting a copper conductor to a ground bar mounted on the tower. The lead length of the conductor is often extensive, which adds resistance to the grounding system. Additionally, traditional ground bars are obtrusive and challenging to get close to other critical tower equipment.

nVent ERICO's Tower Mounted Ground Bar (ETMAGSDBT) is a compact ground bar with a unique bracket design that is easily installed to the tower head frame creating a direct, low-impedance electrical ground connection to the tower. Due to its compact size and unique direct-mounting feature, the Tower Mounted Ground Bar can be installed close to remote radio units, small cells, amplifiers, antennas and other equipment, effectively creating the grounding point closer to a denser area of the radio head frame.

The Tower Mounted Ground Bar can be installed on structural members and mounted directly onto the head frame. Using multiple Tower Mounted Ground Bars on a tower can reduce the amount of grounding wire required and increase the effectiveness of the grounding system.

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