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Cable to Cable, High Voltage

nVent ERICO Cadweld high-voltage copper connections give you all the advantages you have come to expect from exothermic connections. nVent ERICO Cadweld connections have the current-carrying capacity equal to the conductors they connect and will never loosen or corrode. The nVent ERICO Cadweld high-voltage welding set-up uses a unique ceramic fiber smoke filter system which prevents sparks and produces minimal smoke, but also reduces dust and other emissions to an acceptable level for exposures, even if used in unventilated small rooms and cable tunnels.

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Connection Type Copper Cable to Copper Cable
Data Copied
Metric   |   Imperial
XX Mold Family
XXX Conductor Code
M* Mold Only
* Empty if none


nVent products shall be installed and used only as indicated in nVent's product instruction sheets and training materials. Instruction sheets are available at and from your nVent customer service representative. Improper installation, misuse, misapplication or other failure to completely follow nVent's instructions and warnings may cause product malfunction, property damage, serious bodily injury and death and/or void your warranty.
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including silica, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to
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