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Telecommunications Grounding, Bonding and Lightning Protection

Solutions that Improve Network Service and Reliability

What if lightning strikes routinely caused network service outages? Rapid deployment of dependable network infrastructure that can withstand environmental conditions is pivotal to the telecommunications. Whether it be equipment for wireless, wireline, edge computing, core network or data center applications, we help our customers in the telecommunications industry avoid service disruptions with solutions that connect and protect electrical and electronic assets.

nVent ERICO solutions protect against electrical noise, power and lightning disturbances, and make electrical connections easier in dense power applications.  nVent offers a range of high-quality products that meet and exceed relevant industry standards across our powerful portfolio of brands.

Coupled with our global manufacturing footprint and global support network, nVent is the ideal partner to support your telecommunication infrastructure deployment through solutions that provide peace-of-mind protection of critical assets, tailored to specific needs and scalable to grow and help your grow and achieve the best return for your investment.

Applications and Solutions

Data Center

Solutions for Telecommunications Core Central Office

The main switching facility and the core element of a telecommunications network, the central office houses equipment used to carry out data switching and routing, billing, network management and other essential functions. Large AC and DC power system are housed at central offices to provide continuous power at all times. It is imperative that the sensitive, mission critical electronics contained in these locations are protected from lightning induced surges, power system transients and electrical noise. With leading experience and expertise nVent provides electrical protection,power connections and cable management solutions for Core Central office infrastructure.

Datacom Construction

Solutions for Fixed Infrastructure

Fixed line networks (includes fiber and cable networks) are a central backbone for the increasing data needs of consumers and networks like 4G LTE and 5G, in addition to its function carrying emergency and defense communications. The deployment of fixed line  infrastructure, including twisted pair copper, optical fiber and hybrid fiber coaxial networks, can be challenging, especially where construction and maintenance work for fiber optic networks takes place on/under main roads and streets. nVent provides solutions that are essential for fixed line networks.

nVent ERICO grounding and bonding solution are required in most copper and  fiber optic networks in order to prevent damage to critical underground and overhead copper and fiber optic cabling. Grounding and bonding also plays a key role in the safety of personnel as we ensure proper grounding and bonding for areas where maintenance crews work, manholes, handholes and pole mounted subscriber access points.

Top of Telecom Tower

Solutions for Wireless Infrastructure

Wireless telecommunication infrastructure consist of microwave towers, cellular towers, 5G small cells, and antennas mounted on building rooftops. This technology is essential to the daily communication activities for which we rely on: phone calls, e-mail, social media, and file and data exchanges. Today, wireless infrastructure is at the center of a rapid technological advancement that is taking place in the telecom industry including 4G LTE, 5G and smart connected and IoT devices.

Already a complex electrical environment, wireless telecom infrastructure faces significant exposure to adverse conditions that could disrupt the network. For example, big towers are exposed to direct lightning strikes, which can enter the building, shelter or cabinet via the communication feeders and damage critical assets and surges in the power lines can damage equipment. nVent ERICO brings best practice solutions that help mitigate the risk of damage in any type of Wireless Infrastructure application area.

Computer Screen

Solutions for Edge Computing

Edge computing refers to a distributed IT network where computing for data collection and storage takes place in close proximity. The benefits of edge computing include improved bandwidth, enabling real-time data processing and response. This requires several layers of decentralized infrastructure (edge devices and edge datacenters) from a gateway to the ‘cloud’. Edge computing systems are powered by smaller, faster electronics where maintaining cost-efficient high availability (uptime) is a constant challenge. nVent ERICO provides grounding & protection solutions for outdoor cabinets

Satellite Beams

Solutions for Satellite Communication

There are currently thousands of satellites orbiting earth using telecommunication applications including telephone, radio, TV, internet access, GPS, data collection as well as for military purposes. With the ability to receive and transmit signals to earth, these satellites have the advantage of being able to quickly establish communication links without the need for extensive ground based infrastructure compared with optical fiber and microwave radio towers.

Advancements in new generations of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite technology, include improved launch capabilities, newer communication protocols and low latency.This will enable tens of thousands of satellites to be launched into the orbit creating a need for a significant number of ground-based satellite earth stations. nVent stands ready with solutions that connect and protect ground based satellite communication equipment across a range of applications;

nVent ERICO provides electrical protection solution including lightning protection, grounding and bonding and surge protection for satellite communication earth stations.

Training and Resources

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nVent ERICO leverages its significant technical experience and resources to offer our customers free, comprehensive training. Over 25 courses available for telecommunication, including many specialized grounding and bonding topics.

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