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Power Utility Connection and Protection

For over 100 years, nVent ERICO has been an essential supplier of electrical protection for critical power utility infrastructure.

nVent ERICO electrical protection solutions improve grid resiliency with a reliable, safe, long-term solution, providing protection for critical utility assets.The utility team at nVent has experience in research, testing and product manufacturing, and nVent employs an engineered approach when working with customers on electrical protection applications, ranging from small installations to multi-billion dollar, turnkey projects globally. Utilities owners, operators and contractors throughout the world trust the expertise and high-quality products from nVent.

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Updating and equipping the power grid and existing infrastructure to handle disruptions and avoid outages is a key issue all utilities are facing and will continue to face as the grid modernizes. nVent ERICO electrical protection solutions improve grid resiliency with a reliable, safe, long-term solution, providing protection for critical utility assets.

Upgrade to safe, reliable and quality solutions to help secure the power grid. Download our nVent Power Utility brochure or flyer today.

Power Generation Stations and Substations

modern large thermal power plant in dezhou city ,shandong province,China

nVent ERICO understands the unique challenges and risks various types of power generation stations face and is well versed in relevant compliance standards throughout the world (IEEE, IEC, UL, etc.). Every type of power generation station, including coal-fired, natural gas, nuclear, hydro-electric and renewables (solar and wind), requires electrical protection. A trusted industry partner, nVent ERICO has helped develop solutions for power generation stations that are now the standard. With this legacy and experience, nVent ERICO is now serving the next generation of renewables with the same reliable, resilient and efficient solutions that connect and protect critical structures and equipment.

  • Substation exposure to lightning strikes, ground faults and transient surges put people and equipment at risk.
  • Electronic equipment in substations can be damaged by normal switching surges and other unfavorable conditions (electrical noise, ground potential rise and occasional induced or direct lightning impulses).
  • nVent ERICO is a leading provider of electrical protection solutions for substation applications. We bring a comprehensive, systematic approach to substation electrical protection.

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Power Transmission and Distribution Poles

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Faults and transient events that affect power transmission towers and distribution poles can put public safety at risk. nVent ERICO understands all of the considerations and parameters for lightning protection, surge protection and grounding and bonding systems for these applications. We offer solutions specifically designed for transmission and distribution pole applications. Our expertise and niche specialization have established nVent ERICO as a trusted partner in the electrical utilities industry.

nVent ERICO provides electrical protection solutions throughout the electrical utilities environment, including power generation stations, substations, power transmission lines and distribution poles.

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Utility Product Solutions


nVent ERICO Cadweld

Exothermic welds form a permanent, low-resistance bond that will not loosen or corrode over time, making it ideal for utilities infrastructure that relies on long-lasting connections. This makes nVent ERICO Cadweld an essential part of our utilities grounding and bonding system used to ground conductors to ground electrodes, which can include ground rod electrodes, building steel and rebar. Our comprehensive offering of exothermic bond kits is the result of our long-term partnership with the electrical utilities industry, where nVent ERICO has developed many Cadweld solutions, including molds and weld material specifically for utilities infrastructure.

Grounding and Bonding Solutions

nVent ERICO is a global leader in grounding and bonding solutions for electrical utilities infrastructure and is trusted to provide systems that need to perform reliably for 80 years or more. Over many decades, we've established expertise and a comprehensive offering that allows us to approach our customers in a collaborative, consultative way to solve problems and ensure the best possible solution is always achieved. We remain committed to supporting electrical utilities customers through our in-house engineering and commitment to R&D.

Lightning Protection for Utilities Infrastructure

nVent ERICO is the only provider of lightning protection (LP) systems offering solutions based on every type of LP methodology and standard of compliance. This allows us to provide LP solutions that are best suited to meet the needs of a given application area. While it's impossible to eliminate the risk of a lightning strike, nVent ERICO LP solutions provide the chance to avoid or mitigate damage to critical assets.

Surge Protection Devices

nVent ERICO is a leader in surge protection device (SPD) solutions that protect critical assets across a range of industries, including electrical utilities. We offer surge protection solutions that protect critical electronic equipment and systems in every application area, including power distribution panels, discrete signals (inputs and outputs), network communication data lines and RF signal equipment. This comprehensive offering includes standard surge suppression technologies (MOV, TOV, GDT, Spark Gap and hybrids) as well a proprietary nVent ERICO Transient Discriminating (TD) Technology that provides enhanced protection during extreme surge overvoltage events.

nVent ERICO Six-Point Plan of Protection

The nVent ERICO Six-Point Plan of Protection is a system that provides comprehensive electrical protection for infrastructure and assets by integrating solutions for lightning protection, grounding and bonding, and surge protection. By making and distributing everything under one brand, you can be sure you’ll have what you need for any facility, application or special consideration.

Engineering Support

nVent ERICO has a established a legacy of industry collaboration and new product innovation through our investment in in-house engineering resources. Today, nVent ERICO offers comprehensive design and engineering services, supporting customers throughout the world with in-house engineering teams and cutting-edge resources. Our knowledgeable engineers are industry-leading experts who’ve spent careers specializing in niche electrical applications and can assist facility owners, engineers and contractors in designing the most appropriate electrical protection solution.

Learn more about how nVent ERICO can help with your next power utility job by contacting our team.